Amber Nightingale AKA

Amber Nightingale AKA

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Published: 12 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I encountered Amber Nightingale in 2017. When I was on Twitter following Psychic Medium John Edward. Amber Nightingale is a Worker/Slave for Psychic Medium John Edward. Amber Nightingale demanded John Edward block me on Twitter in June of 2017. Nevertheless John Edward took the orders from Amber Nightingale and Blocked me in June of 2017. I am and have never been upset about this because it was for the better. Seeing that Amber Nightingale and John Edward are Energy Predators. I have had this couple pulling my life force energy through cords of Attachments now for over 3 and half years. The first time it started was in Jan 2015. You can read about the dream meeting I had with John Edward at which resulted in life draing energetic cords of attachments, and this entailed my life force Energy being pulled from my body by John Edward and Amber Nightingale or them pushing their negative energy into my body through the cords of attachment. John Edward trained Amber how to pull my energy, but not until Sandy Anastasi Recruited Amber Nightingale. Amber has been pulling my energy through cords of Attachment or oushing her negative energy into me through the cords. Amber Nightingale works with energy. She is not a Reiki Healer. She is an Energy Predator. I know from experiencing this woman pull my energy or push her negative energy into my body through energetic attachments that she is not a Healer. Healers don’t make a habit of hurting people. And this is what Amber Nightingale did to me. Her book Brave Soul: A Healers Journey into spiritual awakening is a Rip Off! In Amber’s book Brave Soul Amber Nightingale is Idolizing Psychic Medium John Edward. Amber rambles on and on all through out the book about a David Micheals who is AKA Psychic Medium John Edward. John Edward is AKA David Micheals in Brave Soul: A Healers Journey into Spiritual Awaking. Amber Nightingale became a Fake Catholic last year because it would help her get closer to John Edward. Before this Amber was Raised Amish with an Under bite. Which Amber states in her book how a medium told her about her under bite. And how she needs surgery to correct it. This Medium was David Micheals AKA Psychic John Edward. Amber Nightingale was born with a hasburg jaw and is Amish. You can wonder how these 2 are related. Think about it. Maybe someone is related to the other in her family. I am just saying. Maybe incest could have played a factor in Amber Nightingale’s underbite. Who is to know. In any case Amber is a Fraudulent Healer. She is an Energy Predator. I know this for a fact! She pulled my energy to gain my power and deplete my life force energy. Amber Nightgale is a Reiki Master Healer, but this woman does not heal. She has caused major damage to my Aura. She could do the same to you. This is not a woman I would have heal you. She is in my opinion a Fraudulent Healer who will take your money & Energy and leave you broken. I do not advise working with this woman on any level. Her book Brave Soul is a Rip Off! If you want to get Ripped Off then buy Amber Nightingale’s book Brave Soul. Or don’t get Ripped Off and Do Not Buy the book. The choice is yours. I would not get any healing services from this woman. She is a Fraudulent Healer. I would advice you to protect your energy and Aura by never contacting this Energy Predator who is a So Called Healer. Beware this woman Amber Nightingale. If your value your Life Force Energy and you do not want her to Rip You Off!. Amber Nightingale is a Fraudulent Healer and a Rip Off!

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