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Stephen Amposah of AMC Gold has money running in veins not blood, treats investors as commodity not

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Published: 05 August 2017

Posted by: Gene A. Hurd

The extent these scammers can go to trap you in scams is beyond common understanding and explanation. They’ve no sympathy or concern for suffering individuals and families. All they’re concerned about is making false promises, amass money and run away with it. I thought some lines were never meant to be crossed. I was tricked by the same company I was doing Forex trading. My name is Kevin and you can consider me a friend. My bad experience was nothing in comparison to passion I share for Forex trading. I know I’ll come back stronger and establish myself.
AMC Gold’s executive contacted me and offered a proposal. His name was Damien. The kind of services they offer makes it an irresistible package. I agreed to do trading with them. I made one of few wrong investment decisions in life. It was a mistake I was going to regret. The disgusting part is they caused more damage than taking money.
There was not a single moment they gave me an impression of running a scam. I spent five months with team. The support desk was helpful. They were doing what was expected of them. I didn’t believe in rumors they used to talk about online Forex brokerage firm. I started calling myself lucky based on good run I was on.
I couldn’t believe the news when I first heard of AMC Gold closing down operations. I checked the news again. I contacted support desk to clarify the news at [email protected] I was in complete shock when they confirmed it. I almost fell down. The biggest surprise was yet to follow.
The AMC Gold was about to throw me into a pit full of snakes. “Your account has been disabled”, said Damien. He didn’t offer an explanation and disconnected the call. I wasn’t able to trace him. My dream was over.
I was blaming my luck. I’d no control over my days and nights. Everything was running on auto pilot. A whole week passed and I wasn’t able to recover. My anger was growing. I wanted to thrash Damien, customer service team and Stephen Amposah.
They caused immense damage. They built and raised my expectations for five months. Had they took money in the first week or month, I’d have made a quick recovery. I think I’m going to chase them, till I don’t see them getting punished. This has become one of important goals.
I’ve grown into an individual who would continue to raise voice against any kind of scam. I don’t know if it was the result of trickery they played upon me or awakened consciousness. One thing I know is that scammers didn’t help the cause by betraying my trust.
My request to every Forex trade aspirant is to do research and follow gut instinct. The best option is to go with reputed and popular firms. It wouldn’t only save you time and money. You can spend time learning trade than chasing idiots.

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