Amco transmission

Amco transmission

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Published: 30 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a single mother with not a whole lot of money to spare so when my transmission started acting up i was devestated. I took my car to Amco in lake city Ga thinking i was going to get a quote on what was wrong with my car. I took it their talked to a man by the name of Denny he was very quick and rude with me from the begining so i guess that should of been a warning but im just thinking i need my car fixed what ever. After a few days of my car being their he calls be bk with a quote of 1,600 to rebuild my transmission ..Cool im thinking thats not bad . He tells me he going to need atleast 600 down to start the work fine (good faith money as he says) … I take him 600 dollars a few days later thinking i should be driving in a couple of days. Then he calls me back a few days later nameing all these different things that he says needs to be replaced and know my 1,600 has all of a sudden jumped to 3,400 . so i tell him thats ok ill just come and get my car and take it some where else i can buy a transmission for less than that . so he goes on and on on why i shouldnt do that and hes on my side and how it would be bad for me to by a transmission finally i hung the phone up in his face because he kept over talking me like i was a child and wouldnt let me get a word in about MY CAR . I go to pick my car up thinking im going to get atleast some of my money back and he tells me they charge 950 to reassemble my car back together ..smmfh and if i dont pay it i cant get my car back. So of course i pays it then ask well when will my car be done mind u tis is tues he tells me it wont be done tell saturday Your car is no different from eveyone else its not going to push to the front of the line … By this time im ready to hurt this big gumpy white man. I am a very relax person that doesnt like confrontation but this right here didnt make any sense to me .. so if u dont want to lose any money DONT GO TO AMCO LAKE CITY GA and i will always tell anyone that mentions there name if i ride by that place they will always get a bad reveiw from me I literally feel like i took 900 dollars and threw it in the trash …SMMFH

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