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Ameraco Inc. are the biggest dupers, fraudsters and scammers ever!!!

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Published: 12 January 2017

Posted by: Jared Smith

I am a 58 year old, retired man having made enough money to secure my future for me and my wife. I was apparently approached by “Find it and Fund it” by Ameraco to invest in their scheme. They claim to have over 10000 investors to buy/ finance your property. They sound very good over the phone and tell you the ways to make money in the most polished and honey coated way!

All they do is charge you $495 in the name of getting access to so called network of 10000 buyers and then dupe you! They offer you a three day return/refund policy if you are not interested to deal with them. That’s what they claim! However they do not mind their words. Your money is blocked…Do not invest in this program…it’s a total scam!!

I was totally amused by the program. The entire find it fund it program is a total bullshit! The Company earns $495 from numerous people like this. Stay away from these dupers!! It’s the biggest scam! Guys!! It’s time to wake up! The Co. is fake and they are a bunch of big liars. This way they are making great money out of us. They have fooled thousands n thousands of people like this.

These assholes are very good at making fools. When I did a research on the Company, I wasn’t really satisfied. I called off within two days. But then was never refunded with the money I paid them! They do not honor their words! Believe me guys!! You are in the hands of the biggest fraudsters if you deal with them! Also check out other complaint sites. You will find plenty of complaints on the way they have been duping people.

When I didn’t get my refund, I tried my hands at finding out properties to them to check out their credibility. You guys will be wasting time to locate properties for them with no genuine buyers to buy even one !! I wonder where are the 10000 buyers they are claiming to have?

Am really pissed off these bloody creeps and am not gonna deal with them anymore. Looks like these $495 have been donated to them. Am really not worried about my dollars as I have enough, but what about the so called damn promises they ensured me??

I personally DO NOT recommend Ameraco to anyone. Guys! stay away from this program. You’ll gain nothin’ out of it. And what’s even worse is their own employee is talking shit about the entire program! His name is Bill and he has been working with them since the last 3 years, while he even accepted that he involved many people in to this program assuring them huge commissions on the property being picked up.

Like me, they all have been a prey to this ugliest scam ever. Please check and do a search before you deal any such things with scammers like these!

“Find it and Fund it”, Rather it should be “Fund it n Find it”. You will be running around only to make fool of yourselves! All I wanna say is “ F… off Ameraco!!

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