Counterfeit documents! Ripping Off Money! Cheaters and Liars

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Amerevision is run by people who are only after your money and they will do anything for money. He is a scammer and people who know him by his real face also call him a thief. He has committed so many scams that people are wishing when his office will be shut down by the government. The owner of the firm should be locked in jail. He has no professional work ethics and is earning money only by doing frauds with people.

Even the people are fed up from his dirty tactics and have stopped visiting him from the past few years. My neighbor wanted to gift their daughter a new bungalow by the beachside and coming to him was their worst mistake and they have lost much due to the owner’s bad business ethics. The owner first created forged real estate documents and then, moved ahead to formulate a complete strategy to gain money from them. By god, this man has no limit of selfishness. He has crossed all levels of being a devil and should really rot in hell.

The way he treats his clients is truly unprofessional followed by his fake documents and never-ending lies. He has sold his soul and has transformed himself into a man of no heart and this is so bad. No one would have ever thought in their wildest dreams that this man with an innocent face could turn out to be just a thief in disguise. I mean, not only did he sued my neighbors on false allegations, he has made those old people suffer like hell. He should really die and just not live. I don’t understand how deceitful he is, he played clever tricks and was even called in their daughter’s marriage and now, he is such a cheap person, he just needs to leave this world because only this is what he really deserves. I have never seen such degraded person ever.

He is really the worst person I have ever met and he will never gain any respect in my eyes even if does all the good things of this world. I have seen him hurting people, literally torturing them just for some amount of money and that too poor old parents who had married their only daughter. If you can’t give happiness to someone, at least don’t take away their happiness away, you have already shattered all their dreams, and what else do you seriously want? This is not just one case, I have read reviews online regarding how he has been sucking in money from people in the name of fake documents and if someone tries to open up their mouth, he has set up a full team of lawyers to take good care of his case and defend him from all the cases.

But this is so bad, that old woman is like my mother, I feel so pity for her and even her husband is so humble and kind-hearted man. They don’t deserve such ill-treatment at such age. They already had a difficult life but now when everything was about to become good, it became worse. This man is shameless and should be put in jail for misbehaving with old people like that. Now I have kept them at my place and we shall take good care of him. We are not afraid of him. He is a psycho and needs an immediate medical attention. This is what I can say to such a retarded person who has lost all his sense and is on a pursuit of achieving what he can never win. Even God has said enough loss has been made. Now it’s payback time. Payback in the form of what I call a fight that I will fight against all the atrocities that you have made them suffer. Do you behave the same with your own parents? Or do you even have parents? Seriously, this is just too much. I don’t know how they have been bearing everything from years. All I am having is rage and anger in my eyes for how rude he has been to my neighbors. No one deserves to be treated like that. This is injustice and even a crime, against the law. But what a shame, no one cares to speak up against him as evidence. Everyone tends to keep a fear of him. But I was and never will be Afraid of you. For the past few years, I couldn’t stay here at all times, but now I will not leave this place and will sue you for treating them with so arrogance. And to tell you, I am also a lawyer, so stay away from them otherwise, it will really not be good.

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