America Choice Rv -Mandy Alonso owner

America Choice Rv -Mandy Alonso owner

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On November 19,2018 my husband and I were out looking at RV’s. On our way home we stopped at America Choice RV in Ocala, Fl. We looked at everything from slide-in truck bed campers to $500,000. RV’s. We came upon a 1999 National Tropi-cal. It was locked but one of the salemen went to get the keys for us.When we entered the unit I told my husband that I really liked the layout of this one. We had been looking at cheaper RV’s to no avail. We tryed to start the generator to see if it ran but the batterys were dead. I headed out the door to get the keys to start the unit, when I noticed a set of keys by the door. We started the rv to charge the battery. A sales person came and asked if we needed help. We advised him (LOU) that we were just looking and that if he had other customers not to waste time with us.We were quite sure the motorhome was more than we wanted to spend. Lou told us it was a consignment unit that had been on the lot for 16 days and that the owners did not want to drive it back to Minnasota and that if we were interested to make an offer.He told us it was priced at $24,600.00 which was more than we wanted to spend. We gave it some thought and said we would be willing to pay $15,000.00. We were told we would have to put it into writing and give a deposit that he would present the offer to the owner. We gave a deposit of $5000.00. My husband and I had both worked at Ford dealerships for over 20 years and we had a professional race team for the last 13 years and we are both very mechanical. Before we made the offer he went all over the unit. We noticed that the brakes were SHOT. Metal to metal. (Unsafe to be driven.)The cab A/C didn’t blow cold and that it had a rear pinion seal leaking.Into the office we went… Lou asked about our credit scores and we told him that our scores were very good. He came back and said that he had presented the offer and they had come back with a counter offer of $17,995.00. We discussed it between ourselves and said we would pay that-if the 3 items mentioned above were repaired. We had to make a note of that on the bottom of the original offer and resign it.Lou left again… in a few minutes he returned with a stack of papers and said we were the proud owners of a (new to us) RV. We signed the papers and then were taken to the finance office. We talked to the fellow in F&I… whose name I can’t recall. (which was let go on the following Tuesday) He said the interest rate would be 10%. I asked if we could get our own financing and we were told we could.We left and Bruce made the comment on the way home that he felt like something was gonna go wrong. He said that the brake job alone was going to be quite expensive because it needed a complete brake job and that it also had a tag axel. (3rd axel).On Monday I called and spoke to the F&I guy again and told him I had aquired financing. He said we could pick up the unit on Wed. afternoon. He spoke to the guy at the bank that we were dealing with and gave him the amount we would owe. There was a differance because of the interest rate. I asked him if I could write him a new check for the down payment and I was told NO because it had already been deposited.(which it hadn’t)On Wednesday we arrived as excited as couple of school kids to pick up our new rv and asked for Lou. They said he was with a customer, no problem…my husband wandered off and came back a few minutes later and said he didn’t see the unit. An older man that we had never seen before came out and said he would take us to see the rv until Lou was available. We got on the golf cart and away we went. Bruce asked him if he was the sales manager (he didn’t answer). Then he started in that he had lost his butt on this deal. Bruce again asked if he was the sales manager and he informed us that he was the owner. Mandy Alonso…The rv was in service, it had been washed but the rear wheels were off the chassic. They said they weren’t done with the repair yet. We went back to Mandy office and he said he would not sell us this rv for the price we had agreeded upon. Said the repair was to expensive and that we had to pay for the repair. We told him that that was part of the deal and he said he would shread the deal and that he could sell it to somebody else. Said he had two interested parties that would pay more money. My husband got really mad and then voices got loud and he told us to get out. there was no deal. I was very upset… it was a holiday and we had made plans with the rv. I asked Mandy what it was going to take to make this happen. He said pay for the brakes. I asked how much the bill was…he didn’t know. He called the parts manager and asked for the repair order, we waited and waited, finally back on the golf cart him and I went, back to service. When the man came in Mandy advised him that I was aware of how dealership paperwork worked and don’t try anything. I looked over the R.O. and agreed to pay half of the brakes which came to $700.00. (Which I paid). Then Mandy told me he was not going to do anything else on the coach. No A/C – No Pinion seal. Nothing. He would call us when it was done.We still haven’t had the opportunity to test drive the rv because of the brakes. We dont know if it has any other problems or not. I called again on Saturday and said I wanted my money back because he said the unit was sold as is at that point. It is still in service and not finished. I am now fearful of what we have bought because of the treatment we received. They said Mandy and Eric (the co/owner) were at a show. They said they would call me back and let me know something. NOTHING no calls no nothing. I called again and spoke to Cody. He said he talked to Scott in service and he would call us NOTHING… I dont know what to do. Now were are still waiting. We have been told so many lies we dont know what to beleive. BUYERS: PLEASE BEWARE OF WORTHLESS PROMISES FROM AMERICA CHOICE RV

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