American Airlines, Inc.

American Airlines, Inc.

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Published: 12 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had a flight scheduled to come back home from Los Angeles California to my home town this past week. | I had made plans to fly with American Airlines. I have flown with American Airlines before, because the company seemed like reliable, customer service friendly company. | Everything was going well. Mid-way through the flight, I got airsick, and headed to the lavatory. I got sick in the lavatory, flushed the toiley multiple times. During the flushing and washing my hands, there were several knocks on the door from a female flight attendant. She kept asking me if I was okay. I kept stating each time that she asked me, that I was okay. thank you for asking. She finally heard my response the 4th time she asked. | I left the lavatory, turned to the one of the two flight attendants standing outside, and told the female that yes, i was not feeling well. I am sorry, thank you for checking on me. She asked me if i needed anything, like Gingerale, I stated that yes I would like a ginger ale. She then asked me if I needed a cold wet papertowel to drape around my neck. I stated that yes, I would like a cold wet papertowel to drape around my neck. She said okay, I will bring it to you as soon as I can. I stated thank you and headed back to my seat. | 5 minutes after I sat down, one of the two flight attendants who were standing outside of the lavatory when I got airsick stopped by my row to state “I know that you’re sick and all, but next time, if you could be more clean about it, that would be great.” | I was shocked. I could not believe he was telling this to me. I was sick, how could I control where anything went? | The female flight attendant brought me the gingerale and cold wet towel that I draped across the back of my neck. | She stated that the gentleman who rudely came by “was just stresed.” I stated, “yes that was pretty rude of him to say to me in my condition.” | After the flight was over and I reached my destination, I asked one of the flight attendants if I could file a formal complaint about a fight attendant who displayed inappropraiate behavior and comments. To which she stated, that it would not be possible. I asked if I could speak with a supervisor or manager, and she stated that I could speak with a gate manger for more information on the matter. | The male flight attendant who had spoken to me rudely, happened to be standing right there when I was speaking with the female flight attendant. He had more rude things to say to me. He stated that his name is Scott, and that what he said to me was exactly what he shoud have said. He stated that he and another flight attendant had to clean the bathroom with gloves. | I stated my confusion: “isn’t that the proper, sanitary way to clean a lavatory? I wasn’t aware that people cleaned lavatory gloveless. Despite a recent mess or not to clean up, I thought that gloves were mandatory.” | Scott kept stating that it was disgusting, and that he did not need to apologize to me. | I was completely stunned. I stated that I work in customer service in a physician’s office with OSUWMC and I would be fired if I treated the patients the way that he was treating me. Especially if a patient was in the middle of being sick. | Scott continued to be rude with me, and none of the othe flight attendants were much help. | i spoke with the gate manage who just gave me a website to access.

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