American auto and tire

American auto and tire

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Published: 28 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My car wouldnt start, my husband is a AAA member so he had the car towed. originally we were going to have it towed to a shop around the corner but the tow truck driver informed us that if we had it towed to a AAA certified repair shop(where he came from) we would recieve an additional 20% off any work done so we went ahead and did that. When the car arrived this facility did a diagnosis to determine the problem. The manager told my husband the fuel pump would have to be replace and we would need a new fuel filter and this total would be about 900 dollars. My husband decided against getting the work done there, he called around and found some places that would do the work for cheaper. the manager then said he would call his owner to see if he could get the price reduced, he called back with a price of 850 dollars and again my husband declined he informed the manager that he found the pump for 150 dollars and could have it installed for much cheaper. The manager again said he would contact his owner. The last time he called back saying if we provided the part he could do it for 200 dollars. what a drastic price difference right? so my husband was frustrated that the manager had tried to over-charge him so he said he would pay the 99 diagnosis fee and would have the car towed elsewhere. my husband had his uncle pay the fee over the phone and proceeded to meet AAA to have the car towed when he arrived the manager told him that he could not get the car until he paid 247.50 because they already started the job. First and foremost they were not authorized to do the job and we had already paid the 99 dollars. I really hate to say this because I dont like using this but I really think the manager is doing this because we are African-American and he knew we had decided not to get the car fixed by them. I am very disappointed that we have been treated this way. We did not tell him to fix our vehicle and we paid the 99 dollars for the work performed. not to mention we would not have gone there if the tow truck driver would not have recommened them. I have reported this company to any site I could find because no one should be treated this way and it wasnt like we tried to get anything done for free we paid what was owed. Now we have to get other parties involved and it frustrating because we both work full-time and have two children to take care of.

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