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Published: 24 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Iu2019m a stage III advance cancer patient and I believe American Holistic Care (AHC) and Dr. Juan Manuel Garcia De Leon Buenfil (JMG Buenfil) exploited my pain and suffering with a deceptive practice. When I initially made the contact to AHC, Dr. JMG Buenfil offers vitamin C, B, and other intraveneous injection along with immunology therapy injection for treating my cancer. We verbally agreed that the total cost of this type of treatment would be approximately $4,500-$6,000 per week (7 days). When I arrived at AHC, Dr. JMG Buenfil explained his immunology therapy; This therapy consist of a one- time blood draw that will be sent to the lab for further refinement to separate my natural killer cells (NK) from the rest of the contents of my blood. From this one refinement of blood, it will yield two injections to be given three days apart. Also, I will be receiving multiple vitamin intravenous injections and any test deem necessary for the agreed amount not exceeding $6,000 per week. I have agreed to his treatment plan and decided to try it for one week. During the time Iu2019m receiving my treatments, I kept pressing Dr. JMG Buenfil for a full detailed breakdown. But with each day that passes, he kept making excuses after excuses with regards to my request. I then became suspicious about his intentions and ended my 7th treatment. I had already paid in full the $6,000 several days ago for the weeku2019s treatment. However, the receptionist demanded for another $3,000 before they would allow me to leave the clinic, claiming that all the therapies I received cost more than what I had paid. Reluctant to paid the additional amount, I again ask to see the invoice of the breakdown of the cost and to see Dr. JMG Buenfil in person to discuss this discrepancies. The receptionist replied that they needed Dr. JMG Buenfilu2019s signature before they can release the invoice to me and he was not available in person on this day. I had no choice but to pay for the additional $3,000. By not willing to be upfront about the breakdown of their services and forcing me to pay an additional $3,000 shows that they are interested in money and not your health If you have any type of illness, I would not consider this clinic and this doctor. There are many reputable doctors in Tijuana. Don’t trust your life with this doctor. He’s a good talker but never delivers on his promises. I may have lost the $9,000 I spent at this clinic, but more importantly, the carelessness in their treatments almost cost me my life. This clinic and doctor does not have any experience treating cancer patients. My cancer had advanced to stage IV because I wasted time at this clinic. I’ve since found another reputable “Real” doctor in Tijuana and undergoing treatment with him. I thank God for guiding me to find this new doctor and am very hopeful that he can heal my body! Thank You for reading my story. This is intended to bring awareness to the deceptive practices about this clinic and doctor. Debbie W. May 15, 2015

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