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American Business Brokers

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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I feel compelled to add to a report i filed years ago. I was once a victim of an internet business called six figure consulting. 15,000$. Josh Linsday was rude, unprofessional, yelled at me and called me stupid. I never got a refund. i don’t have time to go into detail about what that company did and what it was about. read all the other complaints by others. But i thought years ago finally something was going to happen. He got arrested for racketeering and fraud. Nothing happened. No jail time. nothing. I don’t know exactly what he did to others but what he did to me wasn’t the worst. I had heard he and his business partners–one of whcih is now dead at the hands of cops and drugs–thats the people josh lindsay associated and did business with. but i once read somewhere that he was in charge of issuing refunds to clients who deserved them, but instead of refunding the clients he sent the money into an account he set up and i heard the figure was 700k that he ended up steeling that way. could be wrong. | but the purprose of this is to inform people. he is still around. research i have done shows he has changed his name from spelling Lindsay to Lindsey. probably changed his LEGAL NAME TOO. He is still around now it looks like owning american business brokers. not sure what thats about but people should know who they are actually doing business with. He was in Utahs 40 under 40 business magazine. top 40 business people in their state under age 40. utah must be a sad state. In the magazine Josh is quoted to say honesty is important to him. Really. He stole from me, hundreds of others, turned other people in to get off legally, and he is promoting honesty and integrity. A way to show that would be to call the peopel he stole from and give that money back. He is probably doing fine financially through know success of his own–buying and selling someone elses business i like being a glorified real estate agent. he didn’t start the business. just brokers the deals it looks like from his website. | Beware people. He is not what he says. doesn’t do what he says. and through old pictures he constatly posted on facebook his lifestyle is too important for him financially that he will keep that going no matter how dishonest he has to be to keep it. those kind of people always fly high for a while but in the end it will always come back to bite them. I saw years ago in like 2004 the security and exchange commission filed suit against him for lying. just google his real name–Josh Lindsay utah fraud and scam. | now if it were just 1 or 2 complaints, not a big deal. probably just someone lying. but when there are dozens then an arrest for fraud then there is something to it. Sad. He probably has the big house, the big nice cars and the illusion of a financially stable life. But deep down how did he get there. If he is okay with it than that is sad. The christian and right thing to do would be to give the money back to people he lied to and stole from. problem is is with the 80k M5 he drives, lifestyle he seems to have to portray him giving isn’t in his makeup. I have known too many people like him who are okay lying, steeling, etc. I would rather have nothing financially with an intact word and integrity.

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