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American Business Systems gave me a worthless investment

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Published: 15 October 2018

Posted by: alex

I was stupid enough to put in a whopping $19, 900 for buying a license for the usage of the American Business Systems (ABS) medical billing software. This also included their assistance and support for helping in building up the business. I worked hard for 8 months in trying to build my medical billing business. However, I was not so lucky in selling services. ABS promised 5 appointments for me in order to help me sit down face to face with a few doctors. However, these turned out to be only information drop-offs and not face to face meetings. I then thought of selling my license since I was already at a loss.

I then got in touch with ABS and asked them whether they knew any person that would buy the license that I had. I also asked for guidance on how to make this possible. The company flatly told me that the license could be sold but whoever bought it would have to shell out an additional license fee of $24, 900 in order to use the software properly. Who in the world would pay that when they were anyway buying from me? I realized the fruitlessness of it all. My investment was rendered absolutely worthless by ABS and I will never forgive them for it. To the rest of us, I would ask you all to refrain from using or buying their software. In fact, another customer also stated online that after taking the class and buying into all that hype, one will eventually realize that it is a very sophisticated and subtle rip-off. Stay away from ABS since you do not want to end up making investments that are not fruitful and will only be a waste of your time.

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