American Car Restoration

American Car Restoration

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

All,I am a victim of Clark’s shady business dealings. I have been told from an inside source that ACCR/Classic Chassis, will be auctioned off before the first of the year. Grosslight apparently took over the lease from Clark and is now planning to auction off all the vehicles that remain on the property. The business, as you can imagine, is not making money the way Grosslight expected. He is alledgedly planning to auction off all the vehicles on the property whose owners have not shown proof of owernership. If you have a vehicle on the property, it would behove you to contact Lt. Mackey from the Fayetteville DMV and send him your proof of ownership, and make plans to have your car removed ASAP. Grosslight will shamelessly try and smooth talk you to have you pay his crew to retrieve your parts. This is the bottom line, YOU DON’THAVE TO PAY HIM SQUAT. The civil magistrate will tell you that if you take your vehicle off the property, after Lt. Mackey has verified proof of ownership, then it is a civil matter and that will be between you and Grosslight. If you refuse to pay, Grosslight will have to take you to small claims court to try and retrieve the money he claims you owe him. YOU ARE A VICTIM. Call his bluff and force him to take you to small claims court to prove you owe him. If everyone does this, it will cause Grosslight to think of another way to try and convince you to pay him. Grosslight will try and dazzle you with words, but I assure you, he is completely transparent and it is easy to recognize. Grosslight is apparently planning to keep all profits from the auction and you will be forced to deal with the civil matter against Clark to be reimbursed any monies you are trying to recover. Don’t let him auction your vehicle.

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