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Published: 27 February 2020

Posted by: Shkura

I had a disastrous moving experience with American Choice Van Lines. I have been moved professionally 5 times and know what to expect and how to pack for a move. I was moving a 4-bedroom house full of furniture and effects. Estimated quote was 9, 000 lbs. I had them look again and they up’d it to 12, 000 lbs. (what I was expecting to see). This was a cross-country move from Oregon to Oklahoma. Below are some of the problems incurred. 1. The driver and ONE coworker (4-bdrm house) showed up at 6:30PM on the day of the move and worked until midnight. The non-English speaking driver indicated he would return at 10:00AM the following day, he showed up at 1:00PM the and worked until 3:00AM. 2. I cautioned the driver and coworker numerous times to handle boxes CLEARLY LABELED FRAGILE not to throw them onto the truck, they did anyway. That’s what broke the crystal and stained glass. 3. They triple-wrapped our all-cloth furniture in plastic, then taped it, then covered it with blankets, then taped it again. 4. They applied packing tape DIRECTLY TO THE SURFACES OF MY OAK FURNITURE, then plastic wrapped it, then taped it again. 5. We paid $100 extra for 3 pieces of furniture (big TV, china hutch, aquarium) to be packaged. These 3 pieces received THE LEAST AMOUNT OF CARE AND ATTENTION. Turned the TV upside down to plastic wrap and tape the pedestal. No packing or cardboard to protect the TV or aquarium, just threw them on the truck. 6. They only brought a 28′ Uhaul truck to the apartment. They would load it, disappear for several hours (unload???) and return to fill it again. 7. They plastic wrapped and taped a lawn mower, rototiller, and pressure washer (all these are heavy metal construction and did NOT need wrapping). 8. I lost count after 50 rolls of tape and 3 2000′ rolls of plastic wrap. They didn’t bring near enough blankets to protect the furniture. 9. After being told BY THE MOVING AGENT to leave my drawers packed with clothes, that the movers would wrap the entire chest and move it; the movers proceeded to unload and box EVERYTHING in each chest. 10. The movers UNBOXED dozens of boxes CLEARLY PACKAGED AND LABELED BY THE PREVIOUS MOVER, and reboxed them in ACVL boxes. 11. The longer these 2 guys worked, the more pissed off they got and the more abusive they were to my furniture and rude to me. 12. The driver indicated that the entire load was over 20, 000 lbs (I have no way of verifying this as they will combine my stuff with other loads for the trip). 13. No date/time was given for arrival at the destination. My insurance agent and lawyer are waiting for the truck to arrive.

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