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Published: 27 March 2020

Posted by: Valerie

Buyer Beware on purchasing a home with this builder (Bill Lalagos, Casey Leonhardt and Rick Leonhardt) have lied with repairs, on water issues, have not owned up to contractual obligations. Not paying the contractors off so now I have liens pending with such contractors they have not paid. Failure to disclose water issues within the development of a high water table dangerously close to the footings/foundation, shoddy construction, not owning up to warranty repairs for the 1 year period and some are severe that can result in a fire hazard of my life and home with water on a rain fall comes in over the top foundation wall near my electrical panel in the basement. Cracks in the foundation wall where water comes in when it rains. Water stains that outline in the basement floor. Light switches when you turn on and off that pops/crackles with electricity. Floor squeaks, loud poping (gun shots) noises from duct work when the air conditiong, or heat turn on, sink holes in the front and back of yards from poor grading and back fill. Gas leaks that I repaired myself. After verifying from a leak detector, there was no seal from the line going in the oven/range, no puddy, no nothing. My own neighbor had to catch that one. Natural gas leak by a stove is a explosion waiting to happen when you have to ignite to turn on the burner on. I`m surprise, that I’m alive to talk about it. Everytime I used the stove burner it could have exploded, I guess it was a matter of time. So being protected, I checked all the gas lines in the house and to of no surprise found another leak with the gas line going into the water heater was leaking bad too. So fix that as well. Then let’s talk about the other items, wood floor discoloration, wood cabinets that have poor appearances to them, nail pops, drywall cracks, etc… All I can say from several calls, emails and certified letters. I can get no response and buyers please be aware, don`t take words for granted. This was a custom built home and paid good money for it and now I’m stuck with problems after problems, water issues, potential resale issues and lien issues. And time and money that I shouldn`t have to contend with after purchasing a new home, that`s why I bought new in the 1st place, If I wanted a fixer-upper I would of bought one for half price. Learn from my mistakes in doing business with these people…

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