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American Consumer Opinion is like Acid. Scammers Target Your Life, Family and Financial Prosperity

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Published: 04 September 2017

Posted by: Jennifer C. Stack

Some scam artists act like hardcore criminals. They want to destroy urpersonal and social lives. It was something unheard or unknown before. It’s the scars that make the whole forgetting part a bit harder. A family guy like me, that’s Mike, for your information was forced to change to teach criminals a lesson. I never thought someone would be able to frustrate me to death and make me grow angry in the process. I was wrong and experienced a harsh reality. ‘American Consumer Opinion’ is nothing like what it sounds. I got carried away with introductory letter I received. There was also a check in the mail.
The letter was a perfect example of kind of efforts and time these guys put to make it look real. I’d no doubts, whatsoever. I thought I was acting smart when I decided to run a security check. I visited the website and browsed through different pages. I wasn’t aware I was playing exactly how they wanted me. I cannot forget it and I’ll ensure scammers pay for every thread of trust broken. It was 16th March. I remember it quite clearly as I was supposed to join office a day later. I went on a vacation for two weeks.
I decided to keep it a secret from family. I wanted to give them a surprise. It turned out to be I got the worst surprise of life. No sooner did I send the money, these guys started acting weird. They stopped taking calls (1-647-831-1196), entertaining mails and fax (1-647-831-1196). I was bamboozled.
I called American Consumer Opinion. I wasn’t prepared for what I was told. The scam artists misused the brand identity to trick people. This was the second shock. In one sentence, I’d no information on who took my money and cheated me. I wanted to punch so hard that it opens cracks in the wall.
The secret was left a secret. I didn’t want my family to have a bad time. I also didn’t want to lose attention and spend time doing other things. I want to keep the revenge burning. I was not in the mood to forgive them. The scam artists have got a free run till now.
To be honest, it was an embarrassing experience. I was doing everything possible to maintain a confident approach. It was depleting.
What if I’d got the check cashed? It would have caused a big trouble. This is what’s causing me sleepless nights. This wasn’t acceptable. These scam artists are criminals. They don’t care what happens to your family members.
The experience of watching your money goes into drain and scam artists playing you is nothing less than suicide. U should know these scam artists are like poison. They’re polluting everything from water, air to social values. I want to thrash them, till they lose consciousness. They should put under physical, emotional and mental torture to make them feel and understand the level of pain.

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