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Poor Experience with American Dental Solutions

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Published: 09 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We always look for Dental Solutions when we are in dire need of one. But here we did not find our Dental solution to be as effective as we thought it would be. First of all, we had a very bad experience with the customer service and the way we were approached by the doctors and their assistants. It was far less than professional what the doctors were doing. The doctors were completely untrained and did not know the procedures properly the assistance definitely did not help us with anything and we’re just Rude with us They had no sense of responsibility whatsoever. Any amount of inquiries that we need to were all answer than yes, no, maybe and that’s it. That’s all that they could say. If this is the situation of Dental institute’s in America very soon. They will be out of business.

I’m happy and thankful that I have not got any. Procedures done other than just an office visit Which obviously did cost me a lot because Again, the sent me a bill which was late and I had to pay it out of my pocket because my health insurance would not cover it.I had to pay for somebody else’s mistake whereas there was no fault on my part. But thank God that I did not have to pay a very high amount which a procedure would have costed me. This was a fraud and not at all the service that I was looking for. This is not how you run a company or business. You are just a disgrace to the profession.

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