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Published: 15 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I received a letter today with a check enclosed, a well prepared, simulation of a real check, so a less savvy, less educated, and far more desperate person would certainly think it genuine. I enter sweepstakes and contests, and could have been fooled, had I not been as intelligent and educated. The letter had the sign of being a form letter, based on the “”Dead”” being of different ink quality before the printed name and address. There is nonsense about having made a mistake with the sending of the previous letter and check to the wrong zip code and it was returned, and the funds of a much greater amount, $710,000 was being held. A lawyer representing my interest was consulted, by the name of Mr Kevin Burreno, which doesn’t have a degree nor the “”Esq.”” nor ‘JD”” after his name. The letter is not well written in my opinion, as a wrtier. The letter writer is attributed to “” Christina Johnson, Chief Operation Officer”” and raves about the reputation and competence of the lawyer. The letter includes reference to the $950. Consultation fee, $3,200. Staff and Administration Legal Fees, and $2,800 Shipping and Delivery Fees, and a percentage of 19.5% is noted for IRS taxes. In essense there is no value to the check, as it belongs to who sent it — the phishing scammers. I know not to deposit a check from an unexpected and unknown source without further investigation. I kinow it is a way for the crooks to get my bank routing information, via a deposit made and to gain my trust and access to my information, therein. NO WAY was I going to fall for this scam. My spouse was amused. I stated I was reporting the scam to the US Attorney General’s Office and to the NYS Attorney General’s Office, because the most vulnerable are likely to fall for it, including the elderly. Sure, I’d like a windfall, but I’m not a fool. I want no one to be hurt by this scam. That is why when my spouse looked up the purported attorney’s name, the RIP oFF Report site and a report by a woman who received the exact same letter with the same date,and dollar amount, et al., who made the mistake of calling the number on the letter and she has been harassed with phone calls since then. I figured calling would be putting myself at risk of giving the crooks another piece of information, my phone number, so I withheld doing so. In the other woman’s case the man she spoke with said she must deposit the check to get instructions for receiving the larger balance. He wanted to know when she would be making the deposit.. STOP THIS SCAM NOW! Don’t respond at all. Send your letters and complaint to the State and Federal Attorney Gernerals and post your complaint and register it with Ripooff Report.

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