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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

All Potential Customers and Future Employees: Please Read this before you choose who to work on your home, or who you plan to work for. During my Tenur at American Dream Home Improvement, I have been amazed at the poor attempt to have customer satisfaction. The reason is GREED. When American Dream Home Improvement comes to your home, they want you to use the “pitch” and inspect the roof for the homeowner. The process is to “Sell the Damage.” 2 months in they tell you to “sell the damage, even if its not there.”-assuming the chance an insurance adjuster will come out and buy it anyway. (That’s a micro example of how they care about homeowners nationwide. Knowing that the homeowners will then most likely pay higher insurance in the future, just to take a chance that they’re insurance company will pay them to sub contract out a roof.) Sales staff at ADHI are also kept in the blind about almost everything. They dont want they’re production manager or department to be be allowed to talk to sales. An example of that is the sales team doesn’t know how many crews are signed up with us. Go Sell Sell Sell when we dont even have the crews to do the work. Also, it’s not possible to tell the homeowners an exact date that the crews are assigned. Thats most likely because the crews are allowed to take a job with American Dream whenever they want and they work for other contractors too. The production manager isn’t allowed to talk to sales because he’s too busy communicating with the crews on what parts of the home they can cut corners to minmize cost. DRIP EDGE is replaced by your insurance company on almost every case. On cases that it is, ADHI will limit how much they replace, and use the existing to maximize profit. The Homeowners contract shows that its being replaced. When you sell a job for ADHI, you have to upload pictures of each side of the house. That is for the production department to look at how many feet of drip edge will be behind gutters so the homeowner doesn’t notice it wasn’t replaced. (SCAM) This is documented because forms filled out by sales when jobs are turned in, get changed from the production side.(This is a very micro example of how they profit pinch) Lets Talk about the BIG PICTURE. ADHI is ruthless, and attempt to take money from any angle they can. A message board with messages like: ACVWWDD (Closing at 9,046.46 +2326.26 ACVWWDD = 11,372.72) Actual Cash Value for Work We Didn’t Do. Homeowners are given money for multiple things during there claim. If its there roof, most likely they will have gutters, downspouts, hot tub covers, a/c units etc. ADHI attempts to collect those funds for everything to maximize profit. If they know your getting a check from the insurance company at the end of the claim and they know the amount: They will invoice you for the exact amount. It is then your responsibility to call into the office and dispute to get a correct invoice. (A lot of h*o’s Don’t) A trustworthy sales rep has to follow up with his Homeowners to make sure what they paid is correct. (Nearly Impossible) and the day they changed there policy to “only correct invoices if the Homeowner himself disputes the amount and threatens to file a complaint.” makes it impossible to work trustworthy. The day that policy changes is when I knew enough was enough. There rebuttals to this noise was: “to make sure the job is profitable for the sales rep to get paid.” “You got that approved for them.” “We’re charging for those items because the h*o didn’t have code upgrade.” It’s all a CROCK OF ADHI, and it’s all to profit pinch, maximize profit, so they can pay the pyramid of tools that dont have to work for a living. CLAIM IS MONITORED CLAIM IS NON-MONITORED You’ll find this in the message board on any job that has a mortgage company involved. They document if the mortgage company will be monitoring the claim. Hmmm I wonder why that’s important. I bet you can guess what it has to do with. Go ahead I’ll give you a second. MONEY$$$ If you guessed money you are absolutely right. I even got a message from an office staff. Scott do you know if the homeowner is disputing any of the items on the claim, the mortgage company is wondering why our invoice is higher then there’s. I didn’t even respond to that question, these kids think this is some game. I come to find out that a job took 2 extra months to close out because they waited to see if the homeowner was going to let us know what they were disputing. It wasn’t even the homeowner. The mortgage company noticed items that weren’t done. The Problem here is it takes 3-4 months for comissions to close out. (Because ADHI SUPPLEMENTS TO DEATH ON EVERY JOB) So when you are starting to figure these things out about the company that owes you a lot of money, your stuck in a pinch and continue to work for them. They are the king of Rebuttals because they are the King of Liars. How this company passes an audit is beyond me. It’s a real shame because I could’ve made this company and myself a lot of money and never once would I take anyones money that wasn’t owed to me. I myself had to sacrifice my integrity to put dinner on the table. That’s Not OKAY. The day I wasn’t allowed to do this the correct way is when I knew I was done. I went through summary’s with Homeowners to make sure they know there out of pocket. Now I cant. Now I dont work here. IF THEY STEAL FROM HOMEOWNERS, WHY WOULDN’T THEY STEAL FROM ME? THEY DO. They’re manipulative. The Commission sheets dont have breakdowns. They move numbers around. I have material lists because sales reps used to have access to them. On my commission sheets it shows materials over 1,000.00 dollars more then what they purchased. They move numbers/ pinch penny’s/ maximize profit. THERE IS PLENTY MORE TO TALK ABOUT AND PUT ON HERE. HOWEVER IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION THAN THIS; THAN YOU PROBABLY HAVE A SALES REP THERE THAT YOU FEEL OBLIGATED TO WORK WITH. LET HIM KNOW THERE’S OTHERS TO WORK FOR THAT HONOR INTEGRITY. When investigating this, I found a man in Clarkston MI that paid us 2400.00 more than what we were entitled too. He called me last December to see if he could get a 100 dollar credit for his referral because times were tough. He didn’t have enough money to put presents under his tree, but some fat cat in Illinois and a few down the pyramid went somewhere warm. When I sue this company I will be bringing this homeowner a nice chunk of change.

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