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Published: 06 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On March 12, 2004, I agreed to a contract with American Engines to install a motor (3.8 v6), in a 1994 Lincoln Continental. The work was completed on April 30, 2004. After driving the car for seven months, and honoring everything that was stated in the warranty, the car broke down. The morning the car broke down, November 12,2004, I went to start the car for work and noticed it was making a strange noise. I contacted SEAN, the manager at American Engines, and he told me to have the car towed to him. I had the car towed out to them and a few days later they told me that the car had been overheated, because the water pump had gone out, in which terms the warranty can’t be honored. So I retrieved my car from them,and tried to figure out my next move wether to pay them the $1190 dollars to replace the heads or to find out what really happened to the car. After having several mechanics check the water pump, termostat, and radiator, I called Sean again. He asked were any of the mechanics Ford certified. I told him no, but they were ASE certified. So with this knowledge, I had the car towed to North Point Lincoln Mercury, In North Little. I had them check anything that maybe would cause the car to overheat. Several days later I was told by North Point that all was well, and that the car sounded as if it threw a rod. I went out to American Engines with these findings from North Point, showed them to Sean, and he told me to bring the car back for them to check again. The following Monday I had the car towed back out to them, and to my surprise, when I called they didn’t even know that the car was there. I talked to Diane Ellison, whom is the assistant manager, and she said that she had no idea that the car was there. I was put on hold so that she could locate the car. When she returned she said that they would look the engine over again, and to call back in 30 minutes. I called back and Got Sean, he told me again that the car had been overheated, and that because of this the warranty was in void, and that it would be an additional charge for them to open the engine to determine what went wrong. In turn I spent $3598 for an engine that only lasted for seven months. I held up my end of the warranty by having the oil changed, and the radiator flushed at its’ correct intervals, for a company that does not honor their end of any agreements. I am currentlly in the process of writting a complaint to the Better Business Beareau, and trying to file a small claims lawsuit against this company. I have also had another engine installed that i bought out of the local newspaper, and had it installed elsewhere. Once I can get through with all these other processes I plan to have someone look into the engine to determine what was the cause of the break down. I do not want American Engines to do any more work for me or anyone else for that matter, but what I really would like is to have my money back. Andrew Jacksonville, ArkansasU.S.A.

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