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American Freedom Insurance

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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

American Freedom Insurance has failed to make payment on my claim for an accident I was involved in September of 2011. The accident totaled my vehicle and dislocated my friend thumb. My hand was injured and placed in a splint. American Freedom has failed to make payment, and failed to contact me regarding the status of my claim. They have instead offered numerous “lame excuses” each time I’ve been able to talk with someone. I filed the claim the next business day with American Freedom Insurance. I was able to talk to someone several weeks later. They offered various excuses for not responding. They said “are you sure the report wasn’t filed by the state police?” Remembering the large letters on the Plymouth police car I assured them no. I had already given them the phone number and address for the Plymouth police department. Plymouth police acknowledged my accident was in their records. The police informed me that no action was required on my part, that as soon as my insurance company contacted them they would issue the report. The car was towed to an auction site. American Freedom representative finally called and said that I needed to “send my keys to the auction site”. The car was totaled and the keys did not work. “Even though it’s totaled it can still be worth thousands of dollars” I sent the keys as instructed the following monday. Still no word. I regret each payment that I made in a timely manner for my payments – totally over $3,000. My friends medical bill was over $1000 and my own around $600. Totally $1600. My policy was also supposed to provide a rental car until a replacement could be found. This ended up being $800. Enterprise said they American Freedom Insurance denied my claim number # IN-100875 was valid. This was almost double what it should have been because it was “not a valid” insurance claim. This company is a rip-off company. A scam and worse than not having any insurance at all. My premiums have been wasted, my car lost while they profit from it’s auction. They should not be allowed to collect money or be in business when they show no responsibility for making good on their policy. 4 months has passed. I had to buy a junker of a car. Their endless list of lame excuses don’t mean much to anyone. And I do not trust any word they say. Extremely displeased.

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