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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We have been Leasing from American Homes 4 Rent for almost 2 yrs. From day one it has been problem with leaking roofs, plumbing problems the blinds falling down one of the windows in kids room is about to fall out and i have been telling them since before we moved in about and several times after and one of the biggest issues… you got it! communication, I am a very trusting person and a woman of my word if for whatever resson I cannot keep my word you will know right away. Not so much for this complany. The staff do not return phone calls or e-mails they sit up and see you calling and ignore your calls. (I know this because I heard it) Well I sent in money orders totalling $2400. I didnt know for almost 3 months that it was not received. but no problem I will just trace it and see whats going on. Long story short I was told by the property manager “we will get this taken care of, even if it takes time” verbatim. I stayed in communication always let them know what was going on. I was really worried becasue it was a large amount and effected my account in a big way. But I was constantly told as long as you pay this you will be fine i believed it and kept my word did what i was supposed to do. Well I wasnt fine I was served with eviction papers yep!. I was doing everything asked and they do this. So anyhow I ended up calling the district manager because I mean the property Manager story changes do much I no longer trusted thier word. I ended up working out an arrangement with the districk manager but not only did I have to re-pay the $2400 because I hadnt gotten it back nor was it located by them and i was told it had to be paid again. I also was hit with $3000 in legal fees but i ate it thinking i would get my $2400 back once the trace came back un cashed well it didnt it came back with ine being cashed by American Homes 4 Rent I am still waiting on thier finance department to “look into it” anyhow. I was given a time frame to pay it I have been once again upholding my part and have done what I am supposed toand would you know not only am I hit with another eviction but was told I owed over $12000 REALLY!!! when I have given you over $8000 within 4 months. not to mention I was getting close to my time frame and wanted to know my balance since I do not have access to thier resident portal (which I also have been requesting access to for over 6 mo) I had been calling, email for 2 months prior to this last notice, no return call. I just get an auto reply and the calls goes straight to voicemail. I am so irritated and the main reason I am still here is because my kids and school but I’m done with American Homes 4 Rent screwing me. I dont know how you can do a person, a family this way and look at yourself or sleep at night. I am looking for an attorney one that will not look at this as” tenant non payment” and assume it is automatically the tenant fault. I have documents, recipts, emails, phone logs. agreements. I kept everything I just need some one who will be on my side. also the District managmer who told every one who need to know in management the aggreement terms, well he is no longer with the company and the new District manager is not up holding the agrement no communication whats so ever. Oh and the new District manager is the old property manager I delt with the first go around who was missleading telling me one thing but doing another. This is crazy but I am definatley fighting it, even if I have to do it alone. Be ware of these people… I am not a bitter tenant I promise I am a good person who who work 14-18 hrs a day I am not trying to get over on anyone I got royally screwed by this company I am telling you please….please be aware of this company.

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