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Published: 21 January 2021

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My 2003 Honda Accord transmission failed at 95,000 miles. It seems my Honda is not the only one. There was a safety recall regarding transmission failure in June of 2004. The situation was created by an insufficient lubrication of the transmission’s secondary shaft second gear. It lead to heat build-up that would eventually result in chipped or broken gear teeth or breakage of the gear. The condition may lead to breakage and possible locking of the vehicle’s transmission, creating a potential safety hazard. I was also able to establish documentation via the Internet that the vehicle has a possible torque converter problem that is a possible cause for transmission failure.The solution that Honda executed for insufficient lubrication of the transmission’s secondary shaft second gear was to repair the vehicle with an “oil jet kit” to provide additional lubrication. The documentation regarding the recall stated that if as a consumer you had replaced the transmission, you could ask for instruction for the eligibility requirements for reimbursement. I was denied these forms for my transmission failure because Honda of America’s Recall Department suggested my car had been “Fixed” per the recall.When I asked for a “Goodwill Repair,” as suggested by the dealership, for full reimbursement of the transmission, I ended up receiving a quote for $3,900 from the dealership and Honda of America agreed to pay half (but not if, per Sergio, case manager) that I went to the powers that be. Per Sergio if I went to the Powers that be, it would be 60 days in the least and they might not agree to pay half. I was informed that the conversation may be taped and felt stone-walled by Sergio. When I say “Powers that be” I’m referring to any entity that might consider this matter a Consumer Safety Issue and handles these situations as such. My total was 1,897.01. My Invoice says: “Transmission & Torque Converter-exchange.”As I began searching the Internet, “Honda Accord 2003 Transmission Failure.” many websites came up where consumers had blogged about their similar experiences. The only consistency was Honda of America’s inconsistency in dealing or not dealing with the issue of “transmission failure.”I have Faxed Tom Elliott, Executive Vice President, my documentation and a letter asking for full reimbursement of my transmission. The documentation that I have accessed on the Internet substantiates that there are transmission problems in numerous Honda vehicles. I chose Tom Elliott because of a Press release in June of 2004 regarding the recall: “We are acting out of an abundance of caution to ensure that this doesn’t become an issue for our customers.” I believe it’s an issue for Honda consumers per the information I’ve found on the various websites. I have mailed my documentation to Takanobu Ito, CEO/President and Tom Elliott, Executive Vice President.Honda of America’s response was to send back Tom Elliott’s packet and write “Retired” on it and simply state via a phone message (Sergio) that they received the other packet. I’m assuming Mr. Ito has not retired. It is unfortunate for a consumer that they do not update their Honda website regarding who their executives are. I assume I would still receive only a message that they received a packet but not a response to the issue at hand. I feel the documentation supports full reimbursement of any transmission that failed under the Safety Recall…the point being the “oil jet kit” was hardly a solution but a cheap fix until they could claim: “Transmissions Fail.” Not to mention if you are lucky enough to survive a potential collision when the transmission does fail.So far my vehicle has been subject to the following:Stereo Back light inoperable. Goodwill Repair at 44,000 miles. replaced at no charge.Windshield Wiper Motor Housing, June 2008 Safety Recall.ABS Computer Chip failure, estimate to replace, $400Transmission Failure 95,000 miles, $1,897.01Ignition interlock mechanism safety recall notice due September 2010.February 9, 2010: Statement by Honda Motor Co., regarding Expansion of Driver’s Air Bag Inflater recall: “If the driver’s airbag deploys in an affected vehicle, the driver’s airbag inflater could produce excessive internal pressure which may cause the airbag inflater casing to rupture, resulting in metal fragments passing through the airbag cushion material and possibly causing injury or fatality to vehicle occupants.”This document seems ambiguous in exactly which models may be affected.I’m also referencing an article written in the LA Times August 15, 2017 by Ken Bensinger: “Honda Under State Scrutiny.” This article refers to an issue with Honda’s Hybrid vehicles regarding battery and software problems. Again, consumers feel Honda is compromising consumer satisfaction and/or safety in order to prevent cost.In my opinion, it seems Honda has a pattern for substituting a “Cheap Fix” in order to prevent financial loss to their company. I feel Honda of America does not provide the same workmanship and quality that I as a consumer have experienced in the past. As I’ve read the blogs, one after another consumer vows to Never purchase a Honda again. We have five Honda’s in my family and I not only will Never purchase another Honda but I am in the process of figuring out how to trade them all in.That in and of itself is frightening due to my case manager (Sergio) from Honda of America assuring me that “Recalls” are a normal part of the new car process. This is the first car that I’ve owned with “Recalls,” especially “Safety Recalls.” I am truly a consumer that values safety, workmanship and quality in all of the products I buy, especially my vehicles.These are some of the various websites where I was able to ascertain information and/or file a complaint:(((links redacted)))My intention with the information that I have been able to ascertain via the Internet and dissatisfied consumers is to protect the consumer with information so they can make an informed decision regarding their safety, quality, workmanship and purchase decisions…..maybe even prevent a tragedy….(Toyota)CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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