American Labor Law Company

American Labor Law Company

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please be advised, the current owners are frauds & thieves. | This company was founded by Robert & Barbra Blattner. Tina agreed to be an investor & 50% owner IF the company was successful. | Once Robert & Barbra (and their family) grew the company, Tina stole their 50% and fired them. | Just so you know this isn’t a random hate post = Tina was Sued and lost the case against them. Tina admitted under oath durning the unemployment process that she promised 50% ownership to Robert & Barbra, which triggered the lawsuit against her. | ALLC was supposed to be Robert & Barbara’s retirement Income & to pass Down their 50% of the company. | Robert & Barbra obviously, got a lot less from a lawsuit then a long term income. | These people are frauds and thieves from greed – be warned if if you do business with them or seek employment. | I know because I was there. I know first hand the facts.

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Ashley Donnelly

DO NOT HIRE THIS REALTOR !!!! HORRIBLE !!!!! She is rude and racist. My sister in law hired this woman. BIG mistake. This woman has a


Yesterday I received an email reminding me of my payment due on 11/4/16. I noticed before that I could schedule my payment ahead but never