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Published: 27 December 2017

Posted by: Lisa Capra

1 If I could give zero stars I absolutely would. I suffer from Lupus, RA, Depression/Anxiety, and just recently diagnosed with MS. I am prescribed 16-18 different medications at this time and I am on MANY serotonin increasing medications due to my conditions. I was suffering from the worst migraine I had ever had in my entire life which left me confused and disoriented. My husband was away on business and my only option was to head to the ER. I get there and immediately tell them I am a PRIME candidate at this point for Serotonin Toxicity and show them my complete medicine bag for full disclosure so they can begin assessing the different types of meds and how they may interact with each other. I also try to show the Dr. (some extremely young resident who is clearly annoyed) my drug interaction report that I printed online – which clearly spells out in BOLD RED LETTERS that every single med I’m on interacts in a MAJOR way and that yes I am the PERFECT candidate for serotonin syndrome. The problem with this is… serotonin syndrome is NOT uncommon. But the doctors who recognize and diagnose it ARE. This is a SERIOUS problem in the medical field and especially this hospital. My frustrations with this dismissive doctor and this staff caused me to then break down and sob uncontrollably. I said fine dont listen to me about that or look at my report; please just treat my migraine as it is literally killing me. He then looked at me and asked if I was suicidal; I said no but the pain is so bad if I thought several Tramadol would have stopped it I probably wouldve already tried no way was I suicidal. I was scared and in pain and begging for help. This doctor mistook my sobbing and begging for help and turned it around and used it against me. At that point I could clearly see him mentally washing his hands of me and giving me the “this emotional woman is clearly mentally unstable” diagnosis. He then told me he would be initiating a Baker Act on me. I had no idea what that was. I was alone and scared and in so much pain all I wanted was for someone to help me. Someone to listen to me and not automatically assume that because I am a female suffering and showing emotion that I am mentally unstable or a risk to myself or others. At this point, he left and I never saw a Doctor again. They completely ignored my migraine pain and no longer viewed me as someone to help; no now I was someone who they were stuck with until they could transfer me somewhere else without dealing with me. I was transferred to the psych unit immediately. Stripped of my clothes and all my belongings. My dignity was nonexistent. I then asked countless nurses to please give me something for my migraine because by now it was about 90% worse. She looked at me and said she had no orders for meds. Well can you ask?!?!?! About 3 hours later I was given a Tylenol. Thanks, Florida Hospital. Long story short, my husband showed up and thank God he was able to fly in from Colorado. He finally talked to a Dr. who seemed to have some sense about him and he had me interviewed by a psychiatrist via Tele Doc who immediately rescinded the Baker Act as clearly I was not in any way a threat to myself or anyone else. My story here is absolutely terrifying and even worse… it is 100% true and it happens every single day. I will be exploring any and all options I have regarding the horrendous misdiagnosis and extreme mental anguish this entire situation has put me and my family through. And btw. My migraine still hasn’t subsided but as God as my witness I will never go to this hospital EVER again.

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