American National Property And Casualty Company

American National Property And Casualty Company

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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I contacted American National early in April of 2016 and spoke to Lynnette Jellison. I told her what coverarage I had with the Hartford Insurance and began on the phone comparing coverage. She said they did not cover mold but this company was uniqe in providing coverage for appliances, furnace etc in case of power outages or damage, all would be covered along with pipes from home to street if broken etc. She also quoted me a 5% deductible on earthquake coverage which all was better than what I had with the Hartford. We had many phone calls and e-mails in regards to the policy and what would and would not be covered, I agreed to go ahead with them. | She had my funds deducted from my bank account on May 2nd to cover the rental insuance policy with them and the homeowners. I received the policy in the mail weeks later and to my disappointment there is no coverage as she had stated in regards to appliances being covered nor pipes. I had sent her numerous e-mails regarding this and she would not repsond, I also left phone messages. Funny when she was selling me this policy her response time was very quick. I also informed her the roof was put on in November of 2014 and the furnace was 2009. When I received the policy finally weeks later in the mail there is no coverage for any of the items she told me would be covered. She also did not change the records to show the roof was installed in Nove 2014. The policy I have shows roof 2001 and furnace 1960. This agent sold me a policy based on misinformation. | I contacted the company today June 2nd, 2016 in Springfield, MS. and they claim only the agent can write or change the policy and they would send her an e-mail regarding my concerns. Well, she finally returned my call around 3pm pacific time today June 2nd, 2016. She said she had just found out a half hour ago when the adjuster contacted her that pipes and appliances were not covered in a this policy., Thas is not what she told me before policy was written and why did she not know what and what would not be covered prior to deducting my money from my bank account? She said it was a mistake! Her boss called me back asked me if I ever made a mistake? I told him as the agent she should have known what and what would not be covered and she told me how unique this coverage was with the pipes being covered and the appliances. | Finding out on June 2nd this was not covered while having taken payment for the policy on May 2nd, ,2016? This company is not honest. Beware of what they sell you! I went over this many times with her before saying yes to switching policies. The earthquake policy I am still waiting to see. Again I was told deductibel on this would be 5% and then it turns out to be 10%, another mistake by the agent. I have reported this to the WA State Insurance Commissioner. Let’s hope they do something about this. Giving false information to sell policies and make money is not right. Consumers beware. She told me today she would send me an e-mail admitting her mistake and that she did indeed inform me these items would be covered in the policy but never recieved the e-mail, another lie. Her boss Howie did nothing but say over and over to me it was a mistake but he said he would not allow her to send the e-mail admitting her error, if you can call it that.

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