American Poolplayers Association, Inc.

American Poolplayers Association, Inc.

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Published: 04 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Fraudulent handling of handicaps and conflict resolution during events. | I was at city finals trying to earn a spot to the Las Vegas National competition in 2014. My team was undefeated going into the hot seat on the winners side. I had taken on a skill level four and just lost by a few points. I was a skill level five. I had been at this skill level for over a year. When we looked at paperwork for the final match on the winner side I had been moved up to a skill level six. When we questioned this change we were threatened with being disqualified for un-sportsman like conduct. Since our backs were up against the wall we dropped our complaint at that time. We figured we could appeal to the main office. After winning the slot to go to Las Vegas we filed our complaint to move me back to a skill level five. Our request was ignored. I had appealed to the handicap board to have them review my skill level. They referred me to our league operator in which he ignored my request. Basically the league operator can move your skill level to whatever he or she wants to without due process. I also figured out that our league operator had favorite teams that he pushed to go to Vegas each year. When the other team won their spot for Vegas he took pictures with the team. We did not get that same respect. In fact he didn’t even shake our hands. This is very un-sportsman like. | Sometime later I joined a different APA league area to compete. I was playing someone who was a skill level five but played like a skill level seven. I was not happy about this. The player had rushed to the table after I missed a shot. He blocked my way to get back to the chair to sit down. I merely said he could wait for me to leave the area. This set him off in to a rage. He threatened me by saying I would go out on my knees for what I said. I reported this to the league operator in this new area. My complaints were ignored. I guess since I’m the new and unknown guy my complaints are not important. This was a very tight nit community of teams. They all know each other and the room was decidedly on the other players side. Since it is not worth my personal safety I decided to leave this league. | I used my credit card online to pay my annual membership fees and weekly fees. The membership fees are non-refundable, so you have no recourse when things go wrong in this league. | I personally would never play in another pool league if they offered me all the gold in Fort Knox. I certainly would not entertain the APA as a way of competing in billiards ever again. They have way too many players that are under rated in skill level thus violating their own rules. These players are protected by the league operators. The environment is unsafe most of the time due to all the drinking by the players. I started out as a tournament player. I will return to that as I never had these kinds of problems and there are not handicaps in tournaments. I would steer clear of pool leagues and certainly the APA.

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