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Pathetic service of American Restore

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Published: 10 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have used American Restore on many occasions and every time the same issue. They lack the will to work. If I’m getting home improvement or repairing Services done by them, then definitely I would have to think twice again. Because of their poor workmanship And this is because of their willingness to work. First of all, they show up late if I am taking an off from work, I would expect the work to be finished by the same very day. Because I would have to be at work again the next day I would not be able to waste another day because I am losing out on money.

They are charging exorbitant rates. Four simple Home Improvement setups And changes Even when I’m willing to pay for those charges then also the workmanship and the quality of materials. They are using is definitely not up to the mark and I would not be willing to pay for those materials at such a high rate. Being in the business myself. I know what are the different rates of different products that they are using. It is just that since I’m using the services for last so many years even before I entered into this business. So I am still using the services, but unfortunately, I think it is high time that I let it go. I had been thinking that yes, they would definitely change they would definitely change but that change doesn’t show ever Even their customers This is pathetic. People are rude. They do not listen to your concerns properly. They do not answer you properly not able to give them information properly. So definitely the management needs to make a few changes or as we would be very soon out of business. And that’s very true.

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