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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I heard about this service on the radio, “call for a listing of foreclosed homes in your area” I happen to be looking into rent to own homes at the time so it seemed like it was calling out to me. I called the number on the ad and spoke with a very nice lady, I told her I had just heard the ad on the radio and was calling to get more info, she explained they have lisitings for all areas and which areas was I interested in, I told her and he said oh yes I see we have several listings in Hooksett & Manchester, she said they could also customize my search based on schools, pets, hospitals etc. She said the listing was $200 but if I did not find a home in 90 days they would fully refund my money. I specifically asked all I have to do is wait the 90 days and if I don’t have any luck I would refunded. She said they have a website that I can access all listings on and I would have to call to create a custom search but that it would then be viewable on the website. I agreed and made the payment over the phone with the sales rep. She then emailed the the link to their website and my username and password. I utilized their services, searched for homes, had custom searches created (which was not as simple as I was told it would be) I finally had a couple homes i was interested in and wanted to go look at them, I realized I had no idea how to do this, I called customer service and they explained there is a template letter on the website I just had to print and sign and send to the home owner who is still residing in the home and await a response. I was VERY uncomfortable with this, I was not told I would have to do this and I don’t like this process. I was then told it was the only way to see the homes and it was the only way to receive my refund as well (this was the first I am hearing of this) I disagreed but did send out 8 letters to homes owners of the website. Weeks later when I had received NO responses to any of the letters I sent and my general dissatifation for the service in general I decieded to cancel the service. I mailed a certified letter to American Standard stating my 90 days had past and based on my experience and the lack of response from the letters I sent I would like my moneies refunded. Almost a month later, I called to inquire about my refund and was told they had received my request but it was denied because I did not inclued 5 denial letters. I explained that I had not received a single response denial or otherwise and that was part of the reason I was cancelling. He then told me it is part of their terms & conditions, I cliked I accept so until I send in the denial letters no refund would be issued. I tried to explain that I did not go on the website until after my payment was received, I was told everything or so I thought by the sale rep that took my call/payment. I told him I would be willing to take a partial refund since I used their services but I did not agree with them keeping the full $200.00 as I was mislead at the sale point. He told me those are the terms and he hung up. I would NEVER recommend this to anyone!!!! RIP OFF.

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