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All they did was squeeze all the money required and do nothing in return.

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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One of the biggest mistakes I did was to get myself admitted into the American Top Team Weston. This place proved to be the worst and this is mainly because of the poor staff management. It turned out to be the most horrific experience of my life. The first day turned out to be a roller coaster ride for me as none of the staff members were approachable. When I myself made a move to talk to the staff he hastily scolded me to go to any other trainer as he was busy with his class and was not expecting himself to be disturbed. Then I proceeded forward towards the passage and met another instructor who told me to take a seat nearby and wait for the head to arrive. As it was my first day, my uniform was also not ready which was due for two days. After waiting for another half an hour the head arrived and introduced me to my classmates.
The students were ill-mannered and rude. The next few days they were busy ragging in between the class and the head did not even bother about it. It was becoming intolerable so I complained it to the headmaster so that he could take care of it, but things didn’t turn out well as I was pulled up by him and was ordered to perform certain steps regarding my training which I had no idea about. They all laughed at me and made me feel humiliated and demotivated. It was such a bad day for me. This shows that the teaching staffs were not bothered about the self-esteem of their students.
It seemed like a higher secondary school as I was only given lessons to copy from the board, they did not train me before a month passed by, and all they gave me was lessons every single day. The whole environment was very disturbing because of the excessive crowd. The students did not listen to any of the orders given to them by their instructor. They made fun of the good teaching staffs. The young boys were ill-mannered and always ragged the newcomers. We fresher’s felt very insecure between them.
I found out the drainage system was also not well as the water leaked through pipes and tanks, the passage leading to the washroom was wet all the time and no one cared to clean them, the cleaning staffs were busy gossiping in the restroom. Two out of three shower rooms were out of service. The locker rooms had their floor wet and side walls full of algae and mosses. No one used the locker room, everyone kept their stuff in another open room which was not safe at all. This place should be shut down immediately because it is not fit for teaching martial arts or any other sport concerned. I always had an aim to keep myself safe from outsiders and strange people. I made it sure that I choose a better institute for better training rather than the American Top Team Weston.

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