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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Summary “”Bait & Switch”” Tactics Instead of Rebuild (stated on estimate) Different Transmission installed Additional damages/charges Leaking/poor performance On Monday, 04/28/14 took my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to American Transmission of Pinellas Inc. located at 4301 49th St. N. St Petersburg, FL Spoke w/ David about a leak. My Jeep was running and shifting okay, but there was a leak. 04/29/14, charges would be $1843.16, claimed leaking in five (5) different places. My reply, would have to get back to him. 04/30/14 went in for written estimate, (though marked on estimate that I didn’t want one) 04/02/14 called to see if it would be ready. Told, work was completed, but wouldn’t start. Stating there was a “chewed up crank sensor.” Informed would cost me $125.00 per hr plus parts, to have “someone” come onto his lot to find problem. Stated, seemed he was giving me the run around, mainly because he didn’t contact me to tell me there was a problem, and that I would not engage w/ his aggressive behavior. Also, I felt, I should not be held liable for any further charges. Called back 04/03/14, David stated I’d be charged for “whatever it took” to get running, that he was giving me a lot of “free service.” Stated I wouldn’t engage in his aggression and had to hang up the phone. Never gave consent to do further work. Called 05/05/14 at 5:25pm asked to call him. Not able to return call within 5mins, working next day during business hrs. Message left 05/06/14 @ 11:33am, stating car was finished. Afraid to retrieve car alone, asked cousin to go with me, arrived at shop @ 5:25pm 05/06/14. David informed me that Jeep was running but, Windshield Wipers not working. Additional “blown” fuse on passenger floor near fuse panel. Stated I didn’t want to take off of his lot until the wipers fixed and working. David snapped, that I would be charged a “storage fee” if I didn’t make payment right then and take the Jeep. Now understand had 72hrs before I should have been threatened w/ “storage fees.” Also now understand I could have gone to the courthouse w/ a complaint. I didn’t know this fact at that time. As soon as drove off lot, was shifting poorly, reeving to 2500RMPs before shifting into 2nd & 3rd gear. W/ rough and “cluck” downshift, from 2nd to 1st gear. Parked and put piece of cardboard under transmission. By morning there was a “half dollar size” spot where it’s leaking. Accused by David of creating starting problem myself. $2500.+ work done on Jeep, personally preformed in June of 2013 when I bought the car. I have not had any “”starting”” issues with this car, before or since this work. Charged additional $171.10 for crank sensor part, and labor to fix the starting issue. Afraid to go back to pick up relays for the wipers. Even though he offered to install. Neighbor went with me. I requested to only retrieve relays. Asked for invoices, parts that were supposed to have cost $1000, and asked for the old parts. David stated he did not have to provide me with that information, or the parts. “Parts were thrown out,” is what he stated. Worked on transmission myself 3 times. Twice replacing pan gasket, and tapping out a hole for a drain plug. My transmission had a series of numbers on lower front of housing. Transmission now installed dose not have numbers, and has a completely different pan. Without a doubt in my mind, this is not transmission that was originally in my Jeep when I took to American Transmission. Now a forward surging when put into drive, found more blown fuses. Stereo and cigarette lighter plug didn’t work. Determination, Neutral Safety Switch leaking. Cannot determine if pan is leaking until this part is replaced. No shop will put anything into writing, fear of being caught up in a legal matter. Jeep still not shifting correctly. Disputing charges; and have filed complaint due to treatment, work that was not authorized, and the fact that is is not the transmission that was in my Jeep when I took it to American Transmission. Total charges $2014.71. Leaking did not necessarily warrant a rebuild, but David stated transmission was “worn out.” I did take this issue to my Bank, because I did (reluctantly) use my Debit Card for the transaction. They will investigate the issue. But, because I authroized the transaction, it is very possible they will do little or possibly nothing to help me. Resolution (hopeful) Refund of additional charges Return of original transmission Payment to have original transmission rebuilt and installed by other/different repeatable shop Due to tactics, fear of having this shop preform any further work to resolve issue .

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