American Transportation & Limo Services

American Transportation & Limo Services

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Published: 28 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

A few days ago I, along with a group of 24 people, was traveling to Miami on a vacation trip. Unfortunately we knew a little about this company called American Transportation and Limo Service and pre-arranged for their ride service. While signing up for their service online at we mentioned that our preferred method of payment would be through credit card, which is convenient than carrying cash. At that time, there were no objections from the other party, as they are also used to take payment through credit cards. However, these crooks at American Transportation and Limo Service cancelled on us at the last moment when we were visiting a mansion to attend a dinner party. Since the mansion was far away from the city, we had no other way left rather than relying on the limo service. The driver that was assigned to us was thuggish in nature. From his demeanor it was apparent that he had no respect for African-Americans. It is worth mentioning that all of us in the group were well-educated and established in their respective field. The driver called David was rude to us the whole time. When I tried to make him understand personally, he misbehaved with me in front of the rest of us. He also continually spat right before us, as if we were some piece of s**t. At one point he admitted that it was the unwritten company policy to not accept cards from Black people, as they are not trustable and criminal in nature. This is sheer racism and we felt devastated to be aware of such a prejudice in 21st century. We later came to know that the driver, David, had also allegedly molested a white woman on a previous trip. During this whole incident, David smelled foul. Apparently he didnu2019t take a shower for days, and had barely any sense of hygiene. You canu2019t blame the driver solely for what happened to us. We discovered that the whole company, American Transportation and Limo Service, was run by a person who is openly racist and known white supremacists. When the driver kept refusing us, we directly contacted the owner called Lenon. He was the one who made it clear that no credit card accepted from Black people. From his tone of speaking it seemed that he was trying to scare us away, like someone who belongs to Ku Klux Klan. During our heated-exchange, the driver also admitted that they close down the entire limo service during the Memorial Day Weekend to avoid u2018troubleu2019 u2018 by which he was referring to African-Americans. This policy was unofficially stamped by the owner, Lenon. He nurtures an ingrained hatred toward Black people and consider them second-class citizen, who are not worthy of a limo ride. He is a soulless person who was primarily responsible for ruining our entire vacation. What could have been a nice stay under the bright sun viewing the sea turned out to be a hellish experience, thanks to American Transportation and Limo Service. As of yet, we did not receive any apologies or compensation for what we had to go through. As a last resort, we filed a complaint with the NAACP and the City of Miami Beach authority. We do not want the same thing happening to other people, and fall victim of evil American Transportation and Limo Service.

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