American Truck Group LLC.

American Truck Group LLC.

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Published: 16 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

American Truck Group LLC, has been one nightmare after another since I got a truck from them a few months ago. They charm you with this older gentleman, who said that he has purchased a few trucks from them, and the program worked very well for him. It’s mighty funny, he has since quit the company, maybe he had a hard time ripping the public off of their hard earned money!! One thing that should have been a clue is, they are behind this wall, with no one at the front desk. I guess they’re scared someone will come in there pissed off, about all of they lies they were told and they can’t face you man to man. When you call, they always give you the run around, oh you can leave as many messages as you’d like, they won’t call you back, oh unless it’s time to make a payment and then the finance department will call you before you can bat your eye. The 30 day bumper to bumper warranty, the 50/50 split warranty after 30 days, the if your truck breaks down we can drop ship parts to you, you won’t have a payment when your truck is down are their key selling points, when you’re there with $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 in your hand. Let me be the one to tell you, that is the biggest joke ever. I have had a few problems with the truck, and called Dawn, she sent me to Roberto and all he ever say’s is let me check on it and I will call you back. You can bet your bottom dollar, he’ll call you back, and state oh that’s not covered or it was fixed in their bogus 120 point inspection and then leave you high and dry. If you have the money to fix it, because they won’t then your not following the program. My truck was down for two weeks. Dawn was called, and then of course she passed me off to the infamous Roberto, who said we must have done something to cause the damages, which of course isn’t true. So now, I’m thinking, well at least I won’t have a payment because the truck is down…. Wrong, wrong, wrong again…. we all know. Broken truck, means no loads can be delivered…. that means no $$$. Low and behold, I get a certified letter in the mail, very demanding as it may, stating that they are going to report the truck stolen if I don’t give them double payments with a day or so to pay…at this point I called the “Owner” of the company because his number is listed on one of the post, ha he does nothing either, but passes you on to one of his super incompetent staff, who once again does NOTHING….. I will just say this, after being $10,000 plus in debt, with no one from this company willing to assist me, I’m at my wits end… I’m thinking of contacting an attorney and or the Media to expose this company at it’s core. I’m sure they are a hair away from being Illegal in some shape, form of fashion… if someone has any information for me, or if I know anything or find out what can be done, I will e-mail you ASAP… They are not to be trusted, don’t be a victim like me… My only downfall, was I didn’t look deeper into this company before I spent my money…. Be smart, don’t give these people one dollar, let alone the $495.00 fee up front…. they are trouble

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