American water resources

American water resources

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Published: 12 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I have spoken to several individuals that have had their water and sewer lines “covered” by this company. Not only do they use very specific VERBIAGE to smooth over the fact that they will not cover you in the event you have an issue with a line, they will also (due to their own errors in software) bill you all at once without your authorization for months that their software did not charge you. They take advantage of the elderly by using scare tactics to convince them they need insurance on their water and sewer lines, and send threatening letters to potential customers stating “warning: you are not covered” as if it’s a requirement. If you have their protection and several months pass without you seeing any charges from them, expect them to charge you all at once for every payment you missed, even if you didn’t have an issue or claim. Their sales people are specifically trained to scare people, especially the elderly, into buying coverage with them. These people found a niche in insurance between where the city is responsible and the home and they are grabbing at people’s wallets desperately trying to keep their disorganized mess of a company afloat. There is no one you can call and talk to about your bill. If you have an issue, you will be speaking to a customer service agent who has no access to your billing information. They will tell you someone from billing will call you back, but they never do. They have sales people handling their billing disaster so at the end of an unsatisfying phone call trying to find out why your water bill was over 100 dollars this month, they will try to sell you more products or.convince you this claim would have been covered if only you had a different program with them. God forbid you do have a claim because they don’t even send someone to your home to see what the problem is. You call them and they will ask you a series of questions over the phone to determine you are not covered. KEEP YOUR PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS AWAY from this company, they prey like vultures and if you want to cancel the coverage in your parents name after they die, you will have to send proof to the company your parents are dead and no longer own the home, otherwise they will just keep billing you. The coverage does not end when your water is shut off. They will keep billing you after you have moved because you technically never cancelled your coverage. Everything about this company is a scam and a joke. You don’t need insurance on your water and sewer lines. You will end up paying this company for years, thousands of dollars, and still pay out of pocket if you have an issue. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED FROM A VERY RELIABLE ANONYMOUS SOURCE!!!

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