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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, there are times in life when a person may find themselves a bit short on funds and need some help making ends meet, ensuring they have food to eat and a roof overhead. As these times have only occasionally come for me, and most of the time I have been able to get a payday loan or short-term loan and make monthly payments to help me bridge the gap. This company does NOT care about you in the least bit. Their goal is to drain struggling people of every last penny they can get. If they were not an Indian company, lending practices like this would not only be illegal but literally define Predatory lending practices to a T. | Let me explain my situation – I took out a loan for $600, for which I was explained over the phone I would be making monthly payments totaling $240 per month. Sure, I expected high interest but I needed the money to pay rent so I agreed. Well, as this company is on an Indian reservation, apparently none of the actual US lending laws apply to them. They literally make up their own rules on the fly, lie to you over the phone and hide all of the nasty details of the loan in the fine print – which you will not receive until AFTER you get the money and are tied to the loan. Basically, after making 6 payments of $120, I went online to check the remaining amount of my loan to pay it off. Lo and behold absolutely $0 of the over $700 payments I’d made to that point went to the principal of the loan! I have heard of high interest, but how can NONE of the money paid go towards the principal?? It baffles the mind. I | then knew I’d been swindled and mislead by some of the worst people ever. I called an spoke to a representative about why 0% of my payments went toward loan principal. The rude employee proceeded to explain to me that the monthly payments did not go towards the loan but were, and I quote “paying to hold onto the funds borrowed” until the full loan amount could be paid back. Well if I had $600 to pay back at once, two things – 1.) Why would I sign up for a monthly payment plan and 2.) I wouldn’t have taken out the loan in the first place! I explained how ridiculous this was and i stopped making payments to this company immediately. This is not a loan, this is simply a way for criminals to put you on the hook and continue to extort money from people having a tough time financially already. | Since I stopped further payments, I am now being harassed at work by a “law” firm trying to collect this debt and threatening legal action. There are two people at my job with my exact first and last name, the other of which is the Senior VP of HR. They spoke to him and threatened him about my loan, which now he knows about!! Well, this is HIGHLY illegal and little does this company know, my fiancee works at a large LA law firm, which will soon be contacting AWL in great detail with some legal actions of our own. S | TAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! if you need money, talk to a bank or even take out a normal payday loan. This is not a loan – you WILL be robbed and this company does not care in the least. I never knew such a “loan” could be allowed to exist in 2016. I guess the Indian casinos were not enough and they needed to find another way to extract money from desperate people. This company should really be ashamed. Just know, that I will not be intimidated by your threats any longer and I plan to take legal action against this company for notifying my superiors of a loan (which is a personal issue) in such a fashion. I wish someone would have warned me. If you are seeing this review and you have not taken out a loan with this company yet, please do ANYTHING else. This is the absolute worst and there is a 100% chance you will regret it. Run.

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