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America's Mattress - The Poor Quality Mattress

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Published: 10 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is another example of poor quality products with poor sales service. The attitude of the representatives are definitely not friendly. They are not willing to work and not neither are they willing to share any of their information with the customers who are looking to buy from them? They’re just waiting for them to enter be interested and pay. The mattresses that they provide a definitely not worth the quality that they see it is. I have from my personal experience learned that. The mattresses are of less than good quality. I want a mattress about a month back and it was guaranteed to be the best for a queen-size bed and that it was warranted for at least two years. And anything that would happen to be mattress would be taken care of  By the company. Unfortunately, I learned that the company doesn’t actually take care of anything that happens to the mattress after sales service is not at all good. I have also learnt from reviews and my personal experience that executives are less than professional and very impolite with customers. They do not have the basic etiquette of how to speak With a customer. It was a complete harassment that I face from them. And I was not able to get any resolution to my problem. Definitely I gave up and bought a new mattress, but that’s not the fact. It’s just that I had spent money for the mattress, right? Why was the service not provided to me? What were all the promises that were made to me for if you cannot keep it?I would definitely never do business with this company ever again neither would I ever recommend it to anybody ever again.

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