AMERICAS SERVICE STATION - America's Service Station

AMERICAS SERVICE STATION - America's Service Station

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Published: 16 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I brought my saturn to Americas service station because I had trouble starting it in the morning and talked to the manager Jason, he told me it would be around a 100 dollars to see what the problem was. I needed my car for work that night so I agreed. I was walking around out side the place and saw the mechanic looking at my car so I went over and asked him if he new what the problem was, he said yes and that I had a loose battery connection and that it would take him just a minute to fix. I was very relieved it was such a small problem so i went back inside to wait for him to finish, as i was waiting inside the manager Jason came up to me and told me I had a bad starter and it needed to be replaced at a cost of around 600 dollars, I was so shocked all i could say was no thanks, I’ll just take my car back. he asked me how I was going to leave since my car would not start. at this point I became a little angry and told him to show me it not starting, as we were walking to my car he keeps trying to sell me the job and stating that my car would not start and being very forceful about it. when we got to my car he got in and it started right up. he did not look surprised that it did and kept trying to tell me my starter was bad. the mechanic looked very embarrassed at what Jason had tried to do to me so not wanting him to get into trouble i simply told him to give me my car so I could leave, I stopped my car by the front entrance and went inside to get my phone that i had left in the waiting room and decided to go tell the mechanic that he should find another place to work, when i came to the corner of the 1st garage door I heard Jason saying to someone that the reason i didn’t buy the starter was because I’m just a stupid ni**er. I have never been so insulted and angry in all my life, I still have no words to describe how I feel. after talking to my wife about this for a while we decided that the Christian thing to do was to simply pray for such a lost soul, and hope he finds peace. my son on the other hand said I should tell some one so that Jason cannot take from other people what they work hard to get. that is why I wrote this, so that anyone who reads this can avoid being judged by the color of their skin and ripped off by a poor lost soul. GOD BLESS

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