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Americor Almost Sent Me to Jail

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Published: 10 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Not exactly proper quality services. They are providing. Well, definitely they have been able to solve a few of my problems but not everything. They are providing Financial solution. Definitely. Yes. But are they capable of doing it? Everything correctly know they’re supposed to be Pros right? Then. Why was I summoned to the court to answer for their mistakes? They did not even mention that one of their negotiations with the craters were going sour They just went with it and when I was summoned to the code, they mentioned that I do not require a lawyer. Well, definitely I do they drafted a mail to the judge that I would not require a lawyer. Who are they to tell me if I do not require a lawyer or not? This is completely insane. If I am put behind bars who would be responsible.Would they take my please Behind Bars instead of me? I don’t think so. They are not at all up to the task. They cannot provide solutions to everything. Definitely. I understand not everybody is capable of everything but when it is time you require help dude, take that help. You just cannot go on just like as you want.

You need to employ professionals from their field to help you with the problems of your clients. You don’t want your clients to end up in jail and not be able to pay your money. Definitely a charging them in advance for that. So you are clear of your place, but you do not think about your clients. That is not how business works. I’m very sorry to say. This is not something that I would put up with and I would ever go into again. I would rather get a lawyer. I would rather get my things settled with an accountant. I rather do it myself rather than I employ them.

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