Americore Automotive Industries,, Engine Control Units Direct, World Auto Parts LLC,

Americore Automotive Industries,, Engine Control Units Direct, World Auto Parts LLC,

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Published: 30 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After finding this company on the internet, I contacted them and spoke to a man named Mike Googe he was very nice – and misleading. I explained I had been ripped off in the past by an ECM company in Florida in the past and was looking for a dependable company to do my ECM work. Mike assured me they had a high quality operation and customer service was essential. As I own a diesel mechanic shop I explained to him the problem with the ECM, as I had already run a diagnotic on the computer. I also explained I needed this computer repaired and returned in a couple of days time frame because MY customer was loosing money while his truck was in my shop. Mike assured me it shouldn’t take but 2-3 days to repair. I had the ECM overnighted to Americore on 12/4/08. I contacted Americore the day I mailed the package and told them it was overnighted to them with all the paperwork faxed to me filled out, and also enclosed my check for $699.95. I should have realized they were scammers when I called for a quote on the ECM repair and got a quote of $299.95 (including re-program) giving them all the info. requested for the quote (vehicle engine size, type, etc.) then once I wanted to place the order the quote changed to $699.95 for a diesel ECM (I told them in the first place it was diesel !) I called to confirm receipt of the ECM on or about the 10th of December 2008 and was told by Danny Jackson they didn’t receive the package until 12/6/08 (I called the postal service, since I had delivery confirmation on the package and was told it was signed for on 12/5/08!!!). I reminded Danny the ECM was put on a “rush” by Mike and should be out to us soon. Danny said he would go down to the warehouse and check the status of repair and call back, and if for some reason he didn’t call back that afternoon he would call by 10:30 the next morning. We never heard back, so the following day I called again. Danny said he did go check the warehouse, however the technician was not there and since it was Friday (12/12/08) the technicians generally have Fridays off and were not there. He would have to check on Monday 12/15/08 and call me back then. From this point on I started having problems reaching Danny or Mike directly, when I tried their extensions per the automated phone system I get their voice mail(s). I did tell Mike and Danny both we were to receive this ECM back within a couple of days as originally discussed and my customer was continuing to loose money while his truck was in the shop waiting on this ECM, and if it were not fixed and returned to us promptly I wanted a refund and the ECM returned. On 12/15/08 Americore was again contacted on the status of the ECM, after being passed to serveral people who could tell me nothing I finally spoke to Danny, who was to again “go” check the status on the ECM – I told Danny it was becoming a problem for me, since it had been over a week since they received and supposedly started repair. I received a call back and Danny told me said they were waiting on parts to repair the ECM (capacitors) and the parts were due in anytime now, and it would only be a couple of days to repair. We waited throughout the week and called again-spoke to Danny who couldn’t tell me anything except the ECM was at their other facility and should ship out to us in a couple of days (it was always a couple of days!) I told him I just wanted the ECM back and a refund of our money. Since then the week of Christmas we still do not have our refund (we FINALLY received the ECM back – I called to check on the status of refund and Danny couldn’t seem to remember if they fixed the ECM or what – he had to check that out, when he came back to the phone he stated it was not fixed and he would put in ANOTHER request for the refund, we would receive confirmation via e-mail of the status) During all the phone calls and trying to use the automated phone system they have in place all extensions we try lead us to the sales dept. I tried the accounting/administration extension and still spoke to Mike or Danny (they do have a Zach, John and Richard too!) I never am able to speak directly to upper managment or “accounting”. Paul Waller, TexasU.S.A.

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