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Published: 12 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I fell on stairs at work (witnessed) and injured my neck. First clinic I was sent to intentionally misdiagnosed injury as sprain. When pain became intolerable, I went to emergency room where MRI and CT scan show clear acute cervical disc injury. This injury has been confirmed multiple times. ER doc said I needed to see neurosurgeon within 48 hours, it took Amerisure 2 months to approve visit. Neurosurgeon now needs to do surgery and Amerisure (despite having volumes of medical records showing cervical disc injury) has injury has sprain and has cut off all benefits. | I am now in my 6th month of the worst constant pain I have ever had in my life and Amerisure has cut off compensation checks and will not approve surgery or other pain relief procedure. I have gone to their mandatory physical therapy (total of 9 visits) which only increased my pain. I have paid over $500 in medications out of pocket and never been reimbursed. I am praying that someone out there can help me get the surgery I need so I can go back to work. Pain is 9/10 every day and all I am allowed to take is OTC aleve which is now causing stomach issues- please help me! I do have lawyer, but nothing seems to be happening to get my surgery approved.

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