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Ameritech Financial is a con company of Student Loans

Ameritech is NOT a Student Loan Company that works with the government. They hide themselves. They have a law suit with the -Federal Trade Commission-. They open up fraud accounts with the Student Loan . Gov and pretend they are you. They get an account to do an application to put you in a forgiveness program they pick. They charge monthly serve fees for NO service. They charge you up front for a big fee for over $ 1,000. 00. We want to pay our loans, then we get taken advantage of with Ameritech hiding who they are and what they did. To be in a Government Student Loan program does not cost a monthly service fee. Oh now they have on the first of the website page, their truth…NOT there before the Federal Trade Commission Law suit you can look up.


  1. AmeriTech Victim August 5, 2018
  2. They took my Money too August 16, 2018

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