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Published: 13 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Now I know – I should check complaint before buying anything. I bought this amoire through Overstock. I have bought many things using Overstock and had the evidently mistaken belief that Overstock reviewed the companies they sell for, quality this bad has never been an issue before. The STYROFOAM packing crumbled into a thousand (or more) bits of static filled snow that were nearly impossible to clean, and did not keep the item from being chipped, scratched, and broken during shipping. The piece did not have all the parts when it finally arrived. Overstock help said to ship it back – after 4 hours of assembly, and unusable packing. It was impossible to determine whether the shipment was complete because there was no packing list. There were no written instructions, only pictures of the assembly process, which was inordinately long. The backing, which keeps the unit in alignment, is cheap paper, inadequate for the function. I will need to hire a carpenter to fit something to the back to make it usable. The finish comes off when trying to wipe it down to rid it of styrofoam snow. I am concerned about light colored fabrics rubbing against it. This item had quality issues at every step of the process – materials, finishing, packing, and shipping. It should not be shipped in a single box, that’s what leads to the shipping damage issues – too heavy (140 pounds). Called their customer service for the missing and broken parts – they seemed familiar with the task of getting them to me, but I have not recieved them. Unlike many companies, they did not provide tracking information, only a suggestion to call them again if there were issues. I will find a way to make use of this amoire – shipping it back is arduous and I’m not throwing the money I paid away. I suspect I will replace it when something with similar storage is available, and pass it on to Goodwill. My overall impression of Ameriwood is one of intolerable sloppiness. I will avoid Ameriwood in the future.

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