Amgad - Petro Canada gas station

Amgad - Petro Canada gas station

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Published: 26 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Me and my friend wanted to buy some milk one night, so we drove to this Petro Canada gas station on McCowan and Steeles at around 12:30 am on Saturday, July 24, 2010. My friend (who used to work at that gas station), told me that there was this “nice and calm” guy by the name of AMGAD who worked the weekday night shifts over there. As soon as I drove to that gas station and pulled up near the front customer parking area where AMGAD could see all the pumps and the entry to the store, he then looked at me and gave me an ANGRY LOOK. At first I thought that maybe he was tired of his work but that was not the case because as soon as my friend got out of the car, he then signalled at AMGAD just to say “Hi!” to him but then AMGAD went over the intercom and ANGRILY looked at my friend and said to the both of us: “GET THE F*CK OFF THE PREMISES!” I was then shocked to hear what he said to us but my friend didn’t seemed shocked otherwise cause then he thought that AMGAD was “maybe joking with him.” But then AMGAD again went over to the intercom and then gave a SERIOUS LOOK at my friend and said to him angirly “GET YOU AND YOUR FRIEND OFF THE F**KING PREMISES NOW!” So we drove off and got milk at another store. After we bought the milk from the other store, my friend told me that he couldn’t believe of what AMGAD just said to him and that he knew AMGAD for about 4 months (AMGAD was actually working at that gas station for about 4 MONTHS which makes him a “new guy” for that location.) and that he never fought or argued with AMGAD and that he was pretty “cool” with him. However, I also found out that this AMGAD wasn’t so “nice and calm”after all when my friend told me that whenever he went over there to visit AMGAD and a BLACK CUSTOMER would come in and leave, he would constantly harass my friend if he “knew” that Black guy or not and why they always come late at that time. I then noticed that AMGAD was racist and prejudiced against his African Canadian customers. So this why I am writing this complaint, to battle against racism and prejudice at Petro Canada. I urge anyone who visits this location or anyone who is reading this complaint to call head office or the owner of this Petro Canada franchise and complain about AMGAD’s evil and ignorant actions towards the African Canadian community in Markham, Ontario. The owner or general manager of that Petro Canada location should teach Amgad of how to properly deal with the customers and if he (AMGAD) fails to learn or comply to the instructions given to him by his superiors, then he should be dismissed or resign. I will not tolerate any racism or prejudice when I want to buy something from some store. Petro Canada should know that as well; that racism and prejudice is NOT tolerated in the business world. I WILL NEVER go to that location to fill up on gas or buy something from the store OR ANY OTHER PETRO CANADA location for that matter. Petro Canada has just lost a customer (me) because of AMGAD’S racist remarks and attitude towards his customers and Petro Canada will continue to lose more customers IF they don’t do something about it. If ANYONE had ANY PROBLEMS with this AMGAD then please call the General Manager of this gas station which is at 5270 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario L3S 3J7. The phone number is (905) 470-0616. Amgad must know that RACISM and PREJUDICE is NOT TOLERATED IN PETRO CANADA CORPORATION.

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