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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On December 15, 2012, I arrivied home from doing some shopping with my daughter at Macy’s in the Boulevard Mall. At approximately 10:30pm. my then, significant other, showed up at my door very irate, and abrasive in his mannerism. He appeared to have been drinking and was very angry with me because I failed to answer phone while I was out. While in my bedroom, I was trying on some of the new items I had purchased, he began to speak to me in a very derogatory manner, whereas I ignored him. After this went on for approx. 5 minutes of badgering me, I asked him to please leave. He then proceeded to reach into his pocket while running me around the bedroom. I knew instantly what he was reaching for merely because I have been dating him for 7 years and I have known him to carry an army knife around @ all times. I immediately became frightened not only by his movements but also by the rage that was displayed on his face. I screamed for my daughter to call 911, in which she did. I initially had taken the phone from daughter to continue to speak with the dispatcher, explained to her that he (S.O.) had a knife, and I was afraid for my safety. While I was on the phone with the dispather, my S.O. had went downstairs very quietly to hide the weapon(knife) he had. When the police arrived @ my door, my S.O. answered it and proceeded to be just as arrogant, rude, and abrasive to the police officer. The one officer that showed up initially then pulled his gun on him and told him to get to the ground, all the while, he (S.O.) still talking in such a way to the officer, I care not to elaborate. Once the other officers arrived at the door, they separated us, and we (daughter as well), had opportunites to explain what transpired. And in order for my S.O. to prove his innocence, he told police I was once a participant in the Amherst drug courts and that I was not to be trusted. (Drug court is another story, I was placed in that program because I was driving w/ a suspended license coming from a job interview). The police then searched him for weapons, could not find the allegeded knife, came back into my home, and arrested me for false reporting. I went to jail and was released on my own recognizance by Judge J. Klein the very next day.. an order of protection was automatically generated, in which (I believed I was told to sign), a court date was scheduled for me to come back to answer to these charges. Ok. approx. a week or two later, I went back to court, with a hired lawyer and the S.O. and was seen in front of Judge Farrell.. Judge Farrell was very rude, arrogant, and unapproachable when I tried to explain to him what happened. He told me I committed the crime of wasting the police time by calling. My S.O. then told Farrell he hired the lawyer, whereas then Farrell kicked him(S.O.) out of the courtroom, hit me w/ a 250.00 fine and reduced the charges to a disorderly conduct. Since then the S.O. has been diagnosed w/cancer and we became engaged in Sept, 2013. So.. On Sept. 30, 2013, the police showed up @ MY door stating that they got a call saying that they heard a woman screaming. they asked me to step outside and told the now fiancee to come out as well..I was in the downstairs part of the house whereas the fiancee was upstairs watching a sporting event. once they realized there was no trouble @ my residence, they asked for our I.D.’s. we provided it, they found the order of protection that was still on file, and arrested ME once again for violating the order of protection. The fiancee never received a copy from the town’s clerk and I assumed that since the charges were reduced and thrown out of court, it was no longer in existence. (If he had known about it, he would of had it revoked) Once again, I appeared in front of the Hon. Judge Farrell and he showed no mercy. He stated I had 27 arrests, and 4 absconds. (he stated this to the court and it is totally incorrect, and blantantly a biased and prejudiced statement, I have never ran from the law! ever). and put a bail on me for $1500/$5000 A or B. I need to speak to anyone who can tell me my rights as a citizen. I know I have rights but I am not in a position or have enough law education to fight this apparent discriminating court system. Judge Farrell is not a picture of justice. He practices illegal laws on those of us who do not have means to protect ourselves. I was also stopped for my very first time EVER for a speeding ticket in the town of Amherst and had to pay $400. for that. I need help in fighting for my rights.. Can anyone help me???

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