Ami Schneider

Ami Schneider

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Published: 14 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My name is LaToya Pxxxxxx and I used to work for a woman named Ami Schneider. She was the office manager at the company and I was hired as her secretary. At first she seemed pretty nice except for the fact that she told racial jokes on a daily basis and casually used the “N” word. When I told her that as an African American woman I found that word offensive, she said “Why? Your own people say it all the time.” I told her I didn’t like it and asked her not to say it around me. She didn’t stop. Then about 3 weeks after I got hired, I let my 20 year old brother borrow my car one day and he came to pick me up after work. I was finishing up some data entry, so he came inside the office to wait for me. As soon as Ami saw him, she started acting real nervous and came over and said “Who is this?” I told her he was my baby brother visiting from college and I tried to introduce them, but she acted like she didn’t want to shake his hand. After we left, my brother was like “What was up with your boss? She was looking at me like I was there to rob the place or something.” I told him I didn’t know what her problem was. The next day, Ami approached me and asked what my brother’s full legal name was. I told her, then she asked for his date of birth. I asked why she needed that and she said “Since you chose to invite your brother to our office, I need that information.” I didn’t want to give it to her, but since she was my boss, I felt I had no choice. So I gave her his date of birth. The following day, Ami called me into her office and said “For security reasons, I would prefer that your brother not come into our office anymore. In the future, please have him wait out in your car if he comes to pick you up.” I asked her why and she sid she ran a background check and found out my brother had been arrested for disorderly conduct. I told her first of all, it’s illegal for you to do a background check on my brother without his permission. And secondly, that disorderly conduct arrest was for drinking beer at the beach with his friends when he was 18. He’s a junior at Stanford now studying to be a doctor. He is NOT a criminal! Ami said “If he got arrested, he’s a criminal to me. As office manager, I have to worry about the safety of everyone in this office. If your brother rapes one of the women who works here, I’ll be responsible for that because I allowed him on the premises knowing he was a criminal.” That was the last straw. I told her “My brother is not a rapist!” and I put in my two-weeks notice to quit. She said “Why wait? Clear out your desk and leave the premises today.” So I did. A couple of days later, I got a call from one of the other women who worked there (who happens to be white). She apologized on behalf of the company and told me Ami used to be a member of an anti-semetic White supremacist group called The National Alliance. She said Ami tried to recruit her to join the group, but she wasn’t interested because her husband is Jewish. She said she doesn’t know why, but Ami has a thing against black men and thinks they’re all rapists and criminals. That’s why she was afraid of my brother. Ami Schneider is a sick, ignorant, racist who despises black people — especially black men. If she had been the owner of the company, I would have sued them.

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