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Amir Houses

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Published: 27 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This fine gentleman has listing all over the general real estate market with a number of “o.k.” and absolute horrid homes for sale and for rent. I decided to rent a condo from him that had “potential” and it did-it was in a gated community with a gate guard, and was in my price range-so I gave it a try…man do I regret this…. He agreed to do the work if I came up with the deposit and make it look nice and livable by the time that I needed to move in, Instead he collected my money, and waited a month to start repairs and made excuses every time that I wanted the issue rectified. Keep in mind as a side note that I myself and the person that I am living with is disabled… He repeatedly tried to go back on his word and tried to convince ME to get all of the work handled after I paid him $3300. Just the day before posting this he had just only begun renovations on the unit which was estimated to be a weeks worth of work and he assured me three weeks before then that things would get done and that he would help me out and that I had nothing to worry about-Now I am sure that you can guess where all of that money went to at this point… I go there the day before this post and literally 1 out of 45 things had been done. Yesterday was my last day to be out of my current residence….this guy Amir K. was aware of all of this and assured me that things would be taken care of… The downstairs neighbor even came out to greet me to let me know that he was a scam artist and that every tenant before me had these same exact issues with AMIR K. OWNER OF AMIRHOUSES.COM He won’t answer calls and speaks to his customers as if they are annoying cousins. Every time I wanted to back out of the deal he would threaten to put the place up back on the market and return my deposit. So after he did that to me for the 4th time because I got loud with him about my mistreatment and his lack of customer service. I said fine-give me back my deposit right now-have it ready I’m coming to get it now. I told him that he must be insane if he thinks I would continue to do anymore business with him after everything he’s done. He got angry and said he would not give it back-so I asked him…you want to go to court about because I’m ready? and he replied that he did. So now I’m suing this CON-ARTIST and filing a police report for my stolen money. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CON MAN! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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