ammcon transmission

ammcon transmission

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Published: 10 March 2021

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Good afternoon attorney generals office my name is plaintiff warren lunbeck of 32 malvina lane Newark,Delaware 19713.. contact number (302)419-4675 a transmission company named aamco at 819 pulaski hwy bear,de 19701 302-322-3454 serviced my 2002 dodge ram quade to do a complete trans rebuild… i strongly feel i have been a target of consumer fraud (bait and and switch).. on or about feb 11 2018 i contacted a joseph calpaldi salesmen at the aamco transmission briefing him on my dodge ram 2002 informing him my transmission was slipping he indicated to bring the vehicle in for a free external dioagnostic test … a free test providing they moved forward with any major trans repair… before hanging up with mr calpaldi i had asked him to submitt to me over the phone a verbal rough sketch figure worse case scenerio the cost to rebuild my transmission soft/hard parts and labor, he indicated depending on the severity if any with the trans i would be looking at a cost between 1,500 to 2,200.00…i gave him permission to pick up my vehicle with their tow service and perform necessary test to diagnose troubleshoot transmission issues the first step aamco preformed an external diagnotic test with negative results as mr calpaldi shared with me via phone… the next step mr calpaldi indicated to me was a hydraulic test ( test cost 148.33) again this was another test needed but the hydraulic test fee would be waived providing any major repairs were done, this test also proved no diagnostic results with the transmission slipping …i gave mr calpaldi aamco permission to move forward with transmission soft parts rebuild after i was approved up to 4,500.00 thru ammco financing department …he indicated to me that they would replace soft parts as part of rebuild at a cost of 2100.00 ..i recieved a call with another update on or after feb. 13th from mr calpaldi indicating to me that there was more severe damage then previously thought, he indicated that hard parts would also need to be replaced at an additional cost of 1586.23 plus a torque conveerter replacement cost of 389.00, a total cost of 4,096.31.. i quickly asked him if he recalled the verbal estimate by phone indicating worse case projected cost to do a full trans rebuild , he told me he didnt recall such a topic or conversation only that this was the situatiuon at hand,,,needless to say i was pretty upset….i bit the bullet and allowed aamco to proceed with repair simply because they already had me cornered with the costly testing that were allegedly preformed…another issue was i had a cracked windshield which i had replaced while the trans was being rebuilt,i gave mr calpaldi aamco permission to do a 34.95 dollar oil change and filter as well as having a new windshield contracted out by aamco, researching previous premium windshield cost to replace i found the most expensive cost to replace was 225.00 i told him he had permission to contract out a company for no more then a cap of 225.00 he preceeded to and had a company put in new premuim windshild at a cost of a whopping 375.00 .when i asked the name of the company that replaced the winshildshield he didnt have that information and to this date they wont share that information.. after the transmission was completly rebuilt and ready for pick up i entered the office and discovered a payment of 4,572.59 was due for transmission rebuild parts /labor.. a replaced windshield and a oil change and filter,he mr calpaldi indicated to me the cost of hydraulic test of (148.33) that was initially waved was applyed to final cost he again gave no ryhm or reason just to say that it was out of his hands,i specificly told mr calpaldi I wanted all transmission parts that were being replaced as a form of proof that they indeed do a full trans rebuild,he indicated to me that the parts had been mishandled lost or thrown out,again i was feeling mortified,when I at that point asked to speak to the owner he indicated to me he wasnt available nor was he able to produce his namenote: the owner happens to have an office a few feet across the hall from mr. calpaldi …i sighned a contract agreement and left with my 2002 dodge ram, that evening i discovered that the transmission was leaking trans fluid.i spoke to mr calpaldi via phone regarding the issue he told me to bring the truck in to troubleshoot the leaki took the vehicle back to aamco 2 days later and left the vehicle at their shop… 2 days later they indicated to me the transfer case was leaking and that because i refused transfer case service the warranty for 12,000 mi or 1 yr was not covered,,i was quick to point out the transmission was not leaking prior to service ,another sales rep (dennis) i was sharing this info with via phone said to me that the reason for leak might be because dirt or smudge got loosened up after the trans was cleaned out….dennis indicated to me that an additional 450.00 dollars was needed to compete the problem or else a fee of 95 dollars was needed to release the truck to me….i was shocked and mortified obviously….when i retrieved the truck opting not to allow any more service done with my vehicle I asked a sales rep associate named dennis if they had moved the vehicle to inspect the leak, he indicated yes.. the fact is he lied, i positioned the vehicle in their parking lot and the steering wheel alighned at a certain degree to know weather or not they inspected the truck,upon my investigation I realized the truck had not been moved…i took the truck to a shop two days later called .Pro-Trans Inc 807 pulaski hwy|302-328-1550i spoke to and had the owner danny salter diagnose the transfer case leak..two days later he informed me by phone that the transfercase had a hole.. I instructed and gave pro trans permission to proceed with repair at a cost of 608.60though aamco was not negligent for the leak, they were negligent for not making a diagnoses of a leak from the transfercase with their inspection and test drive after all services are preformed and completed,I am currently taking ammco to small claims court… i have written estimates from surrounding transmission outfits to do a total transmission rebuild at a cost of or around 1700 to 2500 dollars for my specific vehicle.. I am claiming that aamco overbilled me at least 2,247.99 based on the total cost aamco billed me for at 4,572.99, and then subtracting highest estimate from surrounding trans shops to do a full trans rebuild in the amount of 2500.00 .. the BBB has processed 24 complaints from this aamco location in the last 36 months…and mr danny salter pro trans owner has indicated to me that he has fielded numerous complaints by unhappy distraught customer victims who had their vehicle services at aamco.. mr salter has indicated to me that he would gladly speak to anyone in the attorney generals office on my behaf regarding complaints he has received from aamco customers/victims Notes: in addition to the 2,247.99 I am seeking, I am adding the cost of 608.60 for the work preformed by pro trans to fix leak that aamco failed to diagnose when they do their final inspection road test after all repairs as well as the 30.00 cost to file in small claims court 2,886.59furthermore it wasnt until after I was approved financial aid in the amount of 4500.00 did aamco change their verbal estimated agreement cost to do full trans rebuild at 1500.00/2,200.00 in closing I am hoping the attorney generals office may help me seek legal representation in this matter in small claims court which is pending your time and energy is most appreciated thank you Warren (((REDACTED))) CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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