Amos R. Davis Jr.

Amos R. Davis Jr.

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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Mr and Mrs. Wxxxxx use to live in Abilene and owned a home in Bella Vista estates (((REDACTED))). They allowed a man to live there for two years under a lease that ended in May of 2015. At that time they gave him a 60 day notice that his lease was over and he had 60 days to move out. But rather than move, he charmingly got a young attorney to work for him without a retainer. His name is Cory Clements. The Wxxxxxxx tried to evict the man in July of 2018 for not paying any rent since June, They received May’s rent on May 26, 2018 and April’s rent on May 5, 2015. They have had problems over the two year period of him paying his $1875.00 anytime during the month as he wanted, and deducting whatever he wanted as well. The first time they tried to evict him is when he still refused to pay the security deposit, He slipped it under the property manager’s door (Ron Harmon of Triwest) 2 days before the hearing. He would deduct expenses like designer faucets, and write bad checks to everyone in town. He normally paid the Wxxxxxxx by direct deposit into their account after they had received over 2 insufficient fund checks. In July of 2015, he showed a check to the JOP McAuliffe saying he tried to pay the June’s rent. A check the Wxxxxxxx never received. Who in their right mind copies a check before they send it? When the Wxxxxxxx asked for an an appeal, they were told he wanted to buy the home from them even with a credit score of 470, He gave no earnest money, no pre qualification letter, or any ability that he had the funds to purchase the home. He went to the 104th District Court and had a TRO placed on the landlords so that when they traveled from California he would use that as leverage to not be able to be evicted. A couple of months went by and he still had not paid 4 months of rent. This was $7,500 by October 15, 2015, when the Wxxxxxxx went to Abilene to evict the man. Yes, they were given the restraining order stating what a good upstanding citizen Amos R. Davis really was. The bad check of $7,500 was given to his attorney and then went to the bad check division in Abilene, but no charges were processed through James Eidson, the district attorney, stating this was a civil matter rather than a felony conviction. So the Wxxxxxxx were not able to get criminal charges against the man who 2 years prior had felony charges of 33 counts of fraud brought against him for writing $26,000.00 in checks to himself for a homeowner’s association that he was the treasurer for. He lost his insurance license at that time. These charges were dropped once he paid back the $26,000 he owed them. WOW and it was never disclosed in his original lease application. Now he is trying to steal the home and the District Attorney won’t press charges on the bad check for $7,500.00 for June, July, August and Septembers rent. Judge Hamilton Lee has set the eviction to be heard on June 2, 2016, and ordered a writ of injunction for restraining the Wxxxxxxx that they could not sell or rent the home out. There was never anything written about this good upstanding citizen with a record of 33 counts of fraud to pay the rent which after 8 months is $15,000.00. The Waldron’s can’t understand how the Court system in Texas can force that they make Amos R. Davis their choice charity, so they contacted the bank and will not be making any more payments to them. Even though this seriously will hurt their credit, they have no other choice as the court system is totally looking at the renter rather than the homeowner’s rights. So hopefully the bank will take the home in foreclosure and look at how the Wxxxxxxx tried to evict a man whose lease had ended, money not paid, and damages done to the property. After all they have spent over $40,000.00 in attorney fees, Private investigator fees, and travel fees, and have gotten nowhere. My children have been through hell with this JOP, and I was once married to police chief who would cringe at the injustice. NOW the JOP wnts the Wxxxxxxx to pay over $5,200 to Cory Clements, as his client had no money.

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