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Published: 03 September 2019

Posted by: WillSmel2

I am submitting this complaint on behalf of my other. Last fall my mother, an elderly senior citizen living alone, was informed that an AMP technician would contact her to schedule installation of upgraded equipment. When the technician installed the equipment he had her sign what she understood was confirmation that the installation was done. The multi-page document was long and in typical “small print” which – unbeknownst to my other – included an extension of the service agreement for another FIVE (5) YEARS. My mother had absolutely no intention of extending her service agreement, and the technician did NOT explain that the installation of new equipment included a 5 year service agreement commitment. This past month I helped her write a letter to AMP Security in Utah requesting termination of service at the end of her current service period (around the end of May 2020 as I recall). This past week she received a response from AMP Security stating that she must continue to pay for service for another 5 years, and if she has the equipment removed and does not pay then AMP Security will pass her account over to a collections agency. This is unreasonable and unethical behavior at best and appears to have taken advantage of a senior citizen who clearly did not understand at the time, and who was not fairly informed of, the conditions of the new equipment installation agreement. We seek termination of her service agreement no later than May 2020 – the end of her initial 5 year obligation – and acknowledgement by AMP Security that no further obligation of service or payment exists. AMP Security equipment will be available for pickup NLT 20 March 2020 and will be kept at her residence until such time as AMP Security chooses to accept the equipment or notifies her that she may dispose of it without financial obligation or penalty.

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