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Published: 09 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I have had amp smart for less than 60 days. The sales man Kyle Seiter sold the system falsely and told me only what I needed to hear to sign. I was lied too and mislead by the sales rep. The door bell doesn’t work for my house. It is connected by an extension cord that I ran in the attic. I was told there would be an update soon that allowed the chime to be heard on the inside panel. After talking to the tech, he says that is 12 months away at least. I can’t hear anyone at the door cause it doesn’t chime inside the house only outside. I was not told I needed a existing door bell for that to work. I have a sign saying to knock posted by the doorbell. The z-wave light bulbs don’t work for the front or back porch. I have the wrong setup to run just one light. My switches run multiple lights and these light bulbs don’t work for flood lights. These bulbs are just sitting in the closet. The video camera disconnects and reconnects randomly in the middle of the night. After the last service techs visit (Sept 26th, the only way for the video camera to work is for me to pay for a wifi extension. | The system is faulty, now they ask for me to pay for something else to get the camera to work! The worst part is on Aug 31 the alarm went off while I was away and I missed there call. 45 min after the alarm was set off, I was able to get ahold of someone and they said no authorities had been called ….!!! What is the point of any of this system at this moment? I was sold a alarm system that is wrong for me and my house. No one from this company will wave the contract that is threatening my credit if I don’t pay for 5 years or pay the outrages cancellation fee. They keep sending techs out to fix it and even the tech will speak to them about my issue, that only 1 of the 5 components work for my home. The customer service rep would not hear what the tech was saying. He is totally in agreement with what I am explaining. They refuse to cancel and want to replace the equipment with new equipment which I don’t need. They want me to pick from the list equipment to replace the things that don’t work for my setup. The only thing that would work is a front door pad lock. | I have a front door pad lock. I don’t want to replace anything cause it is just there way of pushing me around. I don’t want the system! They won’t put a manager on the phone that will work with me. I don’t want the AMP SMART system. I don’t want you to send a tech to fix it, you won’t listen to anything the tech just told you today. I do not want you to trade/replace equipment for other equipment. AMP SMART I want you to collect your equipment and stop charging me ASAP. I will not pay your cancellation fee, I have had the system for less than 60 days and less than half the components do not work the way the sales man Kyle Seiter explained. You didn’t contact the authorities 45 min after an alarm was setoff. That is way over the line when that happened. Holding me to a contract after all this and AMP SMART not hold too there end, this is criminal. As a disabled vet who was taken advantage of at my own doorstep, I ask how can this be legal?

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