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Published: 31 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

In February of 2013 I was contacted by Bill Murry in regards to the phone system that I needed for my office, since we just moved it was very convenient timing. Initial Quote I was given by Walter Davis who acompanied Bill once we had a meeting at my office was $4,657.46 for Allworx 6X System (10 phones). I actually saw the phones in my office while Walter and Bill were giving me the Presentation, but the price was too steep and I wated to see what other options they had. Then Bill came back with an offer for an ESI CS50L DPS and the proposed price we agreed on was $3,000.00 for the system and 10 phones. I did not have a chance to look at the system by Bill assured me it was compateble to Allworx and I would like it, so I trusted Bill and agreed to have it installed. I gave Bill a check on the 02/15/13 for $3,000.00 and the system was supposed to be installed on the 18th of the same month. Monday February 18th came around and Bill was at my office to do the installation, I was surprised a bit but did not mind. Bill Started on the installation and in 4 hours started to open up the hardware (actual phones) that is when the first red flag went up. The phones looked very cheap and did not justify $3,000.00. I asked bill how come they do not match to his description of being compatable to Allworx, Bill replied that in his opinion they are. It is at that time that I descided to go with the Allworx hardware, all Bill had to do was unplug the ESI system and plug in the Allworks System and phones. To my surprize the amount that Bill told me would be $5,465.35 minus the $3K I already paid the diference would be $2,465.35 at first I did not question him but when I looked up their original proposed offer is when I felt lied to. The original offer for the Allworx was $4,657.46, Bill was going to charge me $807.89 more then the proposed price. I was upset if you could only imagine. I told Bill that I do not want to play games, lets just have me cut the diference from the original offer which would be $1,657.46 and plug in the Allworx hardware. Bill without hesitation told me that the Price has changed and that if I wanted the Allworx I would have to pay $2,465.35 or be stuck with the ESI system. It is at that time I told him I don’t want iether one of them, and to take the ESI system whith him. Bill ignored me and walked out of my office. I called Bill and Walter numerous times that day and the following day but they ignored my calls, I’ve requested a copy of a contract that they alleged I signed (I never signed a contract with them) they ignored me. I finally sent a detailed email requesting for them to remove the ESI system and hardware off my property and refund me the money, I was actually understanding towards Walter and Bill, actually offered to pay for the labor at $30 per hour that Bill spent at my office, Bill only spent about 4 to 5 hours at my office but I offered to pay for 10 hours of his time which would be $300.00 to be deducted from the $3,000.00 that I’ve paid them. Both Bill and Waltered ignored me and flat out told me to sue them. It is now November of 2014 and the ESI phone system has been sitting in my office storage collecting dust, I eventually went with ShoreTel and a reputable company that had an actual contract. If these two try to contact you for a phone system run the other direction. In my opinion they are dishonest and deceitful, if you give them a chance they will figure out a way to lie and cheat you.

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